10+ Best Premium Hosting for High Traffic WordPress Website (Reviewed and Compared)

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by Saurabh K

Do you own a high traffic WordPress website?

If you do, then you need a premium WordPress hosting that can manage your website.

In this article, we will go through the best hosting for high traffic WordPress sites. But, before we dive deep into the list of high traffic WordPress hosting, let’s try to understand it first.

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As WordPress accounts for more than 30% of all Internet websites today, there’s a pressing need for specialized providers to offer fully managed best hosting for WordPress.

Suppose, your website has recently had a massive rise in traffic and you naturally feel like celebrating!

But before you plan that vacation, put this question to yourself:

Will your present hosting provider be able to handle the traffic increase?

A sharp rise in traffic means the resources you need to go up and, in some instances, you could require a VPS or a state-of-the-art plan and not just the usual shared hosting.

CPU, RAM, storage, reliability, and speed are all factors you have to give importance to when you seek the ideal hosting for a site that’s getting great traffic.

So, if you build your site on hardware that’s advanced it will vastly improve your loading time. It will create a much more dependable site.

What is High Traffic WordPress Hosting?

A high traffic website can be defined as a site that attracts tons of traffic. The traffic can be anything between 10,000 visits to 100K visits per day.

For this kind of traffic, you need a website hosting that can handle the requirement.

If you choose a regular shared hosting for high traffic WordPress site.

Your server will get overload soon and your site will start loading slow. And many times, it may go down completely due to high traffic.

Resulting in that, you will also notice a drop in search engine rankings because of low page speed.

When and Why You Need A High Traffic WordPress Hosting?

So, when do you need a high traffic WordPress hosting?

It is usual for any startup or new business to choose a standard shared hosting at start.

But with time, it is easy to outgrow. If your product or service gets the limelight, you are bound to see a massive spike in traffic.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to change your hosting just yet.

Once you see your site going down frequently due to increased traffic, it is time for you to switch to high traffic WordPress hosting.

So, what benefits you get if you switch to a high traffic WordPress hosting? Let’s find out below.

Benefits of High Traffic WordPress Hosting

  • High uptime: By choosing a better hosting capable of handling high traffic, you will also get high uptime. Your site will have no or negligible downtime.
  • Great support: You get great support out of the box. If you do anything wrong or something goes wrong, there is always support to help you out.
  • Fantastic performance: Not only high traffic WordPress hosting capable of handling traffic, but also do it with top-notch performance.
  • Better security: It also offers excellent protection.

We recommend transiting to a high-performance WordPress hosting way before the need arise.

This will ensure that you will be able to cope up challenges of high traffic without losing your search engine rankings due to slow page speed.

Staying pro-active will ensure that your site can remain healthy even during the spike.

If you want to find the finest hosting for high traffic, you’re in luck! We will help you by explaining in detail how to discover the best hosting for loaded traffic sites.

Below, we’ll discuss and learn about the top ten WordPress hosting list with a combination of Cloud, VPS and shared hosting suppliers.

Best Premium Hosting for High Traffic WordPress Site – Do You Need It?

With the basic idea behind high traffic WordPress hosting, it is now time to list them below.


Kinsta - Managed Wordpress Hosting For High Traffic Site
Kinsta – Managed Wordpress Hosting For High Traffic Site

The first high traffic WordPress hosting on this list is Kinsta, a well-known premium WordPress hosting in the market.

It can be used by anyone — small or large scale business. It’s offering includes managed WordPress hosting with ultimate page speed and security.

Features of Kinsta Hosting

  • Fully Managed: It offers a fully managed solution which means that every aspect is optimized for WordPress.
  • Site management: The dashboard offers an overview of your sites so that you can manage them better.
  • Backup: Backups are provided each day automatically.
  • Security: Kinsta provides excellent security out of the box – both passive and active. It protects your site from DDoS attacks, malicious request, and other threats.

Apart from the features, Kinsta hosting offers very good support. They also utilize a modern tech stack that allows web pages to load faster.

Moreover, you can take advantage of the free migration that they have to offer.

What I did not like in Kinsta

  • Kinsta is not cheap.
  • They do not provide email hosting and
  • There is no option for telephonic support

If you have a blog or website with decent traffic, you should migrate to the Kinsta hosting and experience ultimate page loading speed which will help you to increase your search engine rankings.

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Flywheel - One Of The Best Hosting For High Traffic Sites
Flywheel – One Of The Best Hosting For High Traffic Sites

Next WordPress hosting for high traffic site on this list is Flywheel, a delightful managed WordPress hosting in their own terms.

The flywheel is an excellent web hosting service aimed at creatives. So, if you are a creative genius who gets tons of traffic, you can opt for Flywheel.

But, that doesn’t mean it is not ideal for other types of business. It would be good fit for agencies, freelancers, in-house teams, and other high-traffic sites.

Major Flywheel Features

  • Incredible infrastructure: They offer scalable, fast and resilient infrastructure thanks to the partnership with Google Cloud
  • Speedy site development: With the staging environment, you can do speedy site development or make changes really quick!
  • A dashboard that works: Their dashboard offers a quick overview of your site(s). Also, it is designed to improve user functionality.
  • Global availability: They offer a wide range of choices when it comes to the data center.

Apart from the above, they also offer reimaged SFTP, by which you can easily control your sites through one login.

Flywheel Cons

  • No built-in Git deployment
  • No proper way of accessing SSH due to managed security

The FlyWheel is an ideal solution for creatives who want to ensure that their site stays up all the time. Their support is also excellent as they use real humans. I consider Flywheel as one of the best hostings for high traffic sites.

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Wpengine Hosting Services
Wpengine Hosting Services

WP Engine provides great hosting and has specialized plans for huge traffic sites.

It offers a mix of dedicated and shared hosting plans. The dedicated ones are for businesses that get more than one million visitors/month. Their startup plan starts at $35.00/month.

This includes one WordPress site and ten GB storage up to 25,000 visits/month. The plans are founded on a virtual Xen environment with hardware of enterprise-grade.

Their star performer, however, is the EverCache caching structure. It optimizes all sites on WP Engine so they run at top efficiency.

WP Engine has more than 250,000 WordPress installations. You can check them without risk @ 60-day cash back guarantee!

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Digitalocean - Cloud Computing - Simplicity At Scale
Digitalocean – Cloud Computing – Simplicity At Scale

This cloud hosting provider has gained popularity for being the most liked provider today on the Internet. It showcases an outburst of growth which started when the company began operations in 2011.

What attracts beginners, as well as developers to DigitalOcean, is its general cleanliness and simplicity in use and the sign-up to launch of your ‘droplet’ – a term that’s used for cloud occurrences – time which is just 55 seconds.

All its servers are constructed on Hex Core devices which have unique ECC RAM and RAID-10 SSD storage. KVM virtualization which is used for every droplet ensures top security and great performance.

Cloud servers are extremely reliable, and Digital gives a 99.99% uptime assurance. This means you don’t have to worry about losing traffic because of downtime.

The standard low volume plans start at $5/month – that’s $0.007 per hour – and high-volume ones start at $160/month which includes an astounding 16 GB of RAM and an 8-core processor.

The bottom line: DigitalOcean gives you the best hardware and resources per dollar.

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Cloudways - Managed Cloud Hosting For High Traffic Sites
Cloudways – Managed Cloud Hosting For High Traffic Sites

Another WordPress hosting for high traffic sites is Cloudways. It is known for its performance-based WordPress solution.

Their main selling point is the simplicity that they offer. Also, the websites hosted on Cloudways can easily be scaled.

Features of Cloudways

  • Go live in minutes: It offers a speedy installation and deployment process.
  • Performance: High-performance thanks to a tweaked environment, SSD usage, and passive and active cache system
  • Managed security: Offers excellent managed security with the help of dedicated firewalls, IP whitelisting, Two-factor authentication, and so on.
  • Expert support: Expert support ensures that you get help whenever needed. They are available through live chat, ticket system, and community.

Limitations of Cloudways

  • Support is not up to the mark
  • It doesn’t support cPanel or Plesk.
  • Requires a certain degree of expertise

If you are looking for an alternative to Kinsta than Cloudways should be your choice. It managed cloud hosting platform works very well with the integration of WordPress sites.

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Siteground - High Traffic Managed Cloud Hosting
Siteground – High Traffic Managed Cloud Hosting

The next high traffic managed WordPress hosting is SiteGround, one of the officially recommended hosting by WordPress.org.

SiteGround’s premium solutions are popular among the web hosting community. Their offer different types of services, which also includes cloud hosting and Go Geek plan. Both of these are ideal for high traffic sites.

Key Features of SiteGround

  • Guaranteed resources: You will get access to powerful and optimized cloud resources for your site to work optimally
  • Sub-account management: Hosting sub-accounts and multiple websites is easy with Siteground
  • Scale as you grow: Scale-up when needed thanks to the cloud platform’s core features
  • Easy updates: Managed hosting ensure easy updates
  • Dynamic cache: Offer a dynamic cache for faster performance

SiteGround main issue is the type of services they offer. If you are looking for a high-performance solution, then you need to make sure that you choose the right package.

What SiteGround Should Improve

  • Pricing is slightly steep
  • Agency and developer-focused

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Pagely - Reliable Managed Wordpress Hosting
Pagely – Reliable Managed Wordpress Hosting

Next high performance hosting on this list is Pagely, offers big brands a way to scale their WordPress sites. They offer a reliable, managed WordPress hosting. In short, they offer an ultimate solution for growing business.

Best Features of Pagely

  • Advanced tech stack: Their tech stack ensures the use of the latest technology. It ensures stability, performance, and scalability. It is built on top of AWS
  • Powerful WordPress VPS: The VPS offers tools, git integration, and shell access. Developers can truly use to customize and deploy their WordPress site.
  • Load balanced clusters: The cluster ensures that the website can sustain high traffic by distributing load among clusters
  • Global data centers: Choose from a wide range of global data centers.

Cons of Pagely

  • The hosting plans can be pricey
  • Some plugins are banned due to compatibility issues
  • Live chat is not 24/7

Pagely biggest advantage is the toolset it provides to the developers. Any big website would require high customizability, along with the scalability and flexibility can go for Pagely.

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Liquid Web

Liquid Web - High Traffic Website Hosting
Liquid Web – High Traffic Website Hosting

This high traffic website hosting is called Liquid Web. This is an ideal WordPress hosting for mission-critical services.

It also offers one of the best plans for WordPress managed hosting. It is used by big brands such as ESPN, Xerox, and so on.

Key Features of Liquid Web

  • Unlimited page views: Offers unlimited page views without paying anything extra
  • They offer free backups, migration, and even free SSL cert.
  • Fully managed WordPress: Every aspect of WordPress is managed so that you do not have to take care off.
  • Developers tool: It supports Git, SSH, and WP-CLI. This means developers can optimize or customize their website according to their needs.
  • 24/7 hour support: They offer support through phone, chat, and email.

Liquid Web needs improvement in

  • The price can be on the higher side

Liquid Web also has one of the highly-rated hosting providers. They focus on client satisfaction and unparalleled support to their customers.

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Site5 Web Hosting Service
Site5 Web Hosting Service

It has data centers in 9 countries and unlimited bandwidth and storage. It’s is a terrific option for heavy traffic sites – in any part of the world.

Site5’s server is tops, with every server using at the least, RAID-10 SSD storage, dual E5-2630 Sandy Bridge 8 core processors and 64 GB of RAM.

The Site5 is ideal for all hosting including heavy traffic, thanks to its hardware.

You get a free 30-day trial and plans start at $6.95/month and a 45-day cash back guarantee.

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Fastcomet Web Hosting - Ssd Cloud Hosting With Cloudflare
Fastcomet Web Hosting – Ssd Cloud Hosting With Cloudflare

This is one more awesome option for heavy-traffic sites. SSD based it gives unlimited bandwidth starting at only $2.95/month. FastComet also provides a whole lot of perks by way of discounts, SEO services, free tools, and many site templates and tutorials.

FastComet has burning fast network structural design. They also support the most used programming languages like Python, Perl, and Bash.

Their free Cloudflare CDN account is particularly helpful if you encounter blazing traffic from varied geographical locations.

FastComet also has five layers of daily/weekly backups, caching and unlimited email accounts and FTP. They also have a 45-day trial cash back guarantee!

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Lithium Hosting

Lithium Hosting Services
Lithium Hosting Services

This hosting’s motto is: ‘Good site hosting mustn’t be expensive’. It is focused on clear-cut pricing and avoids the dicey advertising practice of “unlimited” storage and bandwidth.

Their Cloud Starter plan starts at $3/month – you get 3GB SSD storage and 100 GB premium bandwidth. Its Cloud Premium $9/month plan is meant for heavy sites. It provides 1 TB premium bandwidth and 9GB SSD storage.

The storage and bandwidth limits are scalable, which means that if your monthly limit is over you can quickly upgrade it to suit your growing traffic.

Lithium offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, which means you can try it out without any risk!

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Wrapping up the Review of High Traffic WordPress Hosting

Before concluding, here are some tips to keep your site well-served.

Tips to maintain your high traffic site speed

  • If your site gets the same amount of heavy traffic in one day what you would get in three months, would you think of pushing off for a vacation? Unfortunately, no.
  • Further, to serve this load of visitors you need to ensure that your site is optimized and prepared to manage such an increase.
  • If your website has plenty of images, its speed will be adversely affected. Also, mobile users will experience slower speeds for big image files take longer download to a tablet or a phone.
  • To optimize and compress your images with the right tools, it will raise your site’s ease of access.
  • Finally, load tests your site to test performance and capacity under varied before launching it. Then you’ll get to know how your site functions under different stages of traffic.
  • This will allow you to be better prepared and optimized for the expected enhancement of visitors. Use a load testing device for web apps and websites for this.

I am sure that the above-mentioned hostings for high traffic WordPress sites are the best to maintain the page speed of your site during the traffic spike.

Choose any hosting as per your requirement and give it a try, you will definitely notice improvements.

Hope you like the comparison of the Best Hostings for High Traffic WordPress Site.

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