15+ Best SEO Tools List to Improve Search Engine Rankings and Productivity

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There are a host of best SEO tools out there for you to use to improve your marketing techniques. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools listed in this post contains tools that have been certified as ‘superb’ by the specialists in the field. They have been hand-picked and chosen and will be good for all SEO activities.

The various aspects of optimization which include keyword research, backlink analysis content sharing, etc, take much effort and time. As a result, many SEO people get weighed down by the hard work needed to do the job. They throw up their hands in frustration after attempting to execute the tiresome tasks required for success.

But they need not fret too much. In this write-up, we’ll look at some of the best SEO tools available, from the numerous ones that will help SEO marketers. Of course, the precise choice of a tool will depend on their specific needs.

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Best SEO Tools List to Improve Search Engine Rankings and Productivity

Here I am going to share more than 15 best SEO tools to improve search engine rankings of your website and to improve blogging productivity. First, let’s start with the list of best SEO tools.

List of Best SEO Tools to Improve Search Engine Rankings

#1. Ahrefs – SEO Tools & Resources To Grow Your Search Traffic

Ahrefs - Best Seo Tools &Amp; Resources To Grow Your Search Traffic
Ahrefs – Best Seo Tools &Amp; Resources To Grow Your Search Traffic

This commanding site explorer and backlink checker can be understood with just a glance. It has a host of helpful tools which include domain comparison, keyword analysis, competition analysis, and batch analysis.

It’s the ideal tool for website owners and webmasters who wish to save money. It’s a big player in the SEO market.

[Explore Ahrefs here]

#2. Keyword Tool: #1 Google Keyword Planner Alternative For SEO (FREE)

If you want to find keywords for your content optimization, Keyword Tool is what you need. It also helps you in content optimization, collecting website metrics, building winning marketing campaigns and for target keywords, get an approximation of search queries.

Keyword Tool has plenty of helpful in-built tools that help to observe and export your rivals’ keywords to obtain superior website performance.

[Explore Keyword Tool here]

#3. SEMrush – Online Visibility Management Platform

SEMrush is an online tool offers solutions for Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, content, social media and competitive research. This tool will help you to discover your competitors’ stats and improve your SEO.

Using this tool, you can compare domains by keywords and identify common & unique keywords to boost your rankings. It can help you to get done with the Site Audit of your blog and suggest keywords with High-Volume, Long-Tail Keywords, etc.

You can also check your website’s health, compare one domain with another domain and also track web optimization progress.

[Explore SEMrush here]

#4. Raven Tools – White Label SEO Reports and SEO Tools

This tool is capable of getting all your reporting into one place. It doesn’t matter if you are working on 3 or 20 projects, Raven simplifies everything for you.

[Explore Raven Tools here]

#5. BuzzSumo: Find the Most Shared Content and Key Influencers

Buzzsumo - Find The Most Shared Content And Key Influencers
Find The Most Shared Content And Key Influencers With Buzzsumo

BuzzSumo enables you to search for content on social networks that are widely shared. It gathers the content data, collects their statistics and places them on Excel sheets, and points out the leading influential curators in your field.

[Explore BuzzSumo here]

#6. AWR: World’s longest standing rank tracking tool

Advanced Web Rankings organizes various SEO tasks. Its analyzer has a clean interface which can create custom rankings reports easily. It’s best suited for small agencies and in-house SEOs.

[Explore Advance Web Rankings here]

#7. Market Samurai: Keyword Analysis Tool

This tool is great for keyword research, better than most other similar tools available. It also helps to build a link summary. Don’t create a large number of backlinks, it will look as if you’re adopting black hat methods.

[Explore Market Samurai here]

List of Best Tools to Improve Blogging Productivity

#8. Portent’s Content Idea Generator – Instant Blog Topic Inspiration

It generates content titles and to get great content ideas. After entering a keyword, a list of catchy titles will appear.

[Explore Portent’s Content Idea Generator here]

#9. Google Docs: Free Online Documents for Personal Use

This great tool enables you to write and stock up content and check spelling and grammatical errors.

To get superior features, Google Docs helps you to change the CSS or HTML of the document easily and even join up with others – if you require assistance.

[Explore Google Docs here]

#10. Grammarly: Free Writing Assistant

Finding difficulty fixing grammatical and writing mistakes? Grammarly’s here to check mistakes of sentence structure, grammar, style, punctuation, spelling, etc. It’s of great help to both newbies and experienced persons.

You need not possess any extraordinary editing talents to use it. Read our full Guide and Review of Grammarly.

[Explore Grammarly here]

#11. Copyscape Plagiarism Checker – Duplicate Content Detection Software

Copyscape is a plagiarism revealing software which allows you to learn who copied your content. You can use the free version or the premier edition of Copyscape.

[Explore Copyscape Plagiarism Checker – Duplicate Content Detection Software here]

#12. Piktochart: Create Infographics, Presentations & Flyers

Piktochart: Create Infographics, Presentations &Amp; Flyers
Piktochart: Create Infographics, Presentations &Amp; Flyers

Infographics have come to be a key ingredient of SEO which makes the information more pleasant and attracts the audience you’re targeting. Piktochart helps you to create graphs, pie charts and more for free.

[Explore Piktochart here]

#13. Screenpresso: The Ultimate Screen Capture Tool for Windows

ScreenPresso improves your screen grab experience. ScreenPresso’s powerful in-built editor enables you to snatch a video/image of something you’ve seen on your screen which you share after adding effects.

[Explore Screenpresso here]

#14. Work Examiner

If you are running plenty of projects, you will need to engage workers to execute certain tasks. You will have to keep a tab on their working hours and daily tasks, so as to increase their productivity.

For this, you require Work Examiner, a great worker monitoring tool. It’s very useful for site performance.

[Explore Work Examiner here]

#15. Dropbox – Easy Cloud Backup

This very popular tool helps you to stock up pdf files, images and Word Docs between computers and mobile devices. Have no fear, you can travel anywhere secure in the thought that your files are in good hands.

How to use Dropbox? Accumulate your files in a safe place, add them to Dropbox and synchronize them with an app that’s supported.

[Explore Dropbox here]

#16. Trello | Work Together, Get More Done‎

Trello - Work Together, Get More Done‎
Trello – Work Together, Get More Done‎

Another blogging productivity tool on this list is Trello, organizes your blogging procedure vis-a-vis your team in a real-time relationship. It easily tracks tasks, monitors project hours, anticipates resource requirements and has a great reporting system.

It keeps you better informed so that your blogging process is smooth.

[Explore Trello here]

#17. Ping-o-Matic!

This pinging service is the best in the market. The search engines will get to know about your newest posts because of it. You can select from a variety of different services which you wish to ping.

Since the services are continuously updated, make sure to make the best of the most helpful ones.

[Explore Ping-o-Matic here]


In conclusion, we can say that you’ve had the opportunity of checking out a lot of tools that will aid you in your SEO endeavor. You already know that SEO is hard work and it’s tough to break into the big league.

But if you have the best SEO tools in your hand, you surely will be able to better your hopes on a somewhat tricky journey. Now that you’ve got a good arsenal in your hands, make the best of it!

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