7+ Best Freelance Websites for Beginners That Pays Well [2020 Edition]

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by Saurabh K

Do you wish to work as a Freelancer but can’t find enough resources? Here is the ultimate list of best freelance websites for beginners. Be your own boss and start exploring the best freelance job websites now.

As students, researchers or homemakers, often we do not have that many hours to devote to a full-time job. But there is always a creative being in our hearts that pushes us to synthesize our skills. For souls like us, we wish to switch to a freelance job.

Freelancing is a way of lifestyle these days. You can rely on your typical 9 to 5 jobs for the perks that a freelancing job can give. So to get the right start is necessary, the rest will follow.

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In order to pursue your dream of making your own mark, you can work as a freelancer and be your own boss.

Freelancers make a decent living and even more so as compared to the regular job seekers. So to make a head start you must first need a platform to look for the right opportunity and then utilize it.

There are so many freelance job platforms [1] to choose from these days that we never know which one is credible. To make the right selection the only issue remains is that the market in front of us which is full of dupes.

In that case, do not stress, we have a list of top freelance websites to find jobs or should we say your dream job –

List of Best Freelance Websites for Beginners 2019

#1. Upwork: Hire Freelancers. Make things happen.

Upwork - Best Freelance Job Websites
Upwork – Best Freelance Job Website

This first and one of the most popular best freelance websites for beginners on our list is Upwork, formerly known as oDesk. Upwork works as a broker between freelancers and third-party clients.

Through Upwork the freelancers can be paid on an hourly basis, per-project basis and sometimes monthly basis since this entirely depends on the nature of the project.

Upwork is the destination for professionals in many fields like programming, accounting, etc. Sign in to Upwork to create a free profile for yourself and start working. Upwork is one of the best and the most popular websites amongst job seekers.

[Explore Upwork here]

#2. PeoplePerHour.com – Hire Freelancers Online & Find Freelance Work


As the name suggests Peopleperhour is an amazing and perfectly suitable platform for freelancers. This freelance job platform links third-party clients with prospective writers, developers, architects, engineers, and other professionals to help freelancers in building up their career profile.

You can find a job on Peopleperhour by either applying through ‘hourlies’ which is suitable for people looking for short jobs or by updating your service portfolio on the website so as to receive numerous solicitations from clients.

[Explore Peopleperhour here]

#3. 99designs


Another best freelance website for beginners is 99designes. For the people who are looking for freelance jobs in the field of designing like fashion designers, website designers, architects, etc.

99designs is the perfect place for you. 99designs not only facilitate interaction between talented professionals and clients, but it has also developed a feedback portal through which the freelance designers can be rated by their clients.

This enables the clients to pick the best and provide the professionals with a healthy competitive environment. Professionals can receive orders for designing T-Shirts, posters, websites, homes, etc on 99designs.

[Explore 99designs here]

#4. SimplyHired – Most Proliferated Freelance Website

Simplyhired - Most Proliferated Freelance Website
Simplyhired – Most Proliferated Freelance Website

The next one of the best freelance websites on our list is SimplyHired. Founded by Peter Weck and Gautam Godhwani in 2003, SimplyHired is simply the most popular and most proliferated place for young freelance professionals.

The website enables you to search for a perfect job by title, city, location, and company, whichever way that suits you. Location-based job search is especially beneficial for those who are looking for short-term jobs.

[Explore Simply Hired here]

#5. Guru – Hire Quality Freelancers Online and Find Freelance Jobs


The next freelance job website on this list is Guru. It is an interesting website for freelancers because unlike other portals Guru enables the job seekers to actively advertise themselves in front of clients. Once you have started working actively, your clients can rate you on your profile.

This feature is beneficial because it creates a nurturing work environment, where job seekers are valued and job providers are satisfied.

Although Guru charges 4.5% of the earnings from the freelancer this commission is minimum since the portal is risk-free.

[Explore Guru here]

#6. iWriter: Content & Article Writing Service – Buy Articles


Though iWriter is a free portal like other portals, it is definitely an undisputed platform for searching and eventually finding content & article writing jobs.

And in comparison to other portals, here at iWriter, there is less chance to be duped since the payment has to be paid via the portal.

You can find different-different gigs based on the quality of the article and the number of words required. It ranges from $1.40 for 150 words in the standard category (1 star) up to $435 for 6000 words in the Elite Plus category (4 stars).

Although iWriter does deduct a basic commission once you opt for the job.

[Explore iWriter here]

#7. Hire Freelancers & Find Freelance Jobs Online – Freelancer


Your name, your job profile and you will have ‘n’ number of jobs in front of you. This is the reason Freelancer has more than 11 million users and over 6 million projects under it. But unlike other websites the way to procure a job in Freelancer is different.

There are three ways by which you can apply for a job here i.e.

By –

  • Bidding for the project
  • Entering into a contest
  • Adding the service you offer

Freelance is completely free for everyone.

[Explore Freelancer here]

#8. Mediabistro – One-stop destination Media Freelancers

Mediabistro - Freelance Website
Mediabistro – Freelance Website

A haven for writers, editors, developers, copywriters, and other media professionals, Mediabistro is a one-stop destination for pass outs in media and also those who are pursuing media-based subjects.

With a database of over 100,000 editors and hiring managers, there must be something right that Mediabistro is doing to attract job seekers.

Once you have made your free account and have eventually got a job through them, Mediabistro would not charge anything.

The broad categories in which you can search the idea freelance job includes Advertising, Client Service, Design, Digital media, Marketing, Media and Communications, Television, Technology and Publishing amongst many others.

[Explore Mediabistro here]

Wrapping It Up – Best Freelance Job Websites for Beginners

We hope all the job seekers will take cues from our dedicated list of best freelance websites to find jobs.

If you are a beginner or professional, I personally recommend Upwork and iWriter. Both freelance job websites have a wide variety of freelancers in their sleeves and the portals have been evolved quite beautiful over a period of time. They also offer monetary security via their systems to maintain quality and avoid any fraud.

A good paying freelance job is a dream of many. Especially the professionals in the field of creative writing and designing yearn for such opportunities. Explore the list of freelance websites today and be your own boss.

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