7 Benefits of Email Marketing That Every Blogger Should Know

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by Saurabh K

Let’s understand the benefits of email marketing that every blogger should know.

The Internet is a powerful medium that has connected the entire world. It has spread the wings so rapidly that everyone is a user of it.

As the internet has become a primary source of information exchange. Most of the brands have switched from traditional marketing to digital marketing as the benefits are ample.

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If you are looking to promote your blog online, you can opt for Social Media Marketing, hire Search Engine Optimization professional or choose Email marketing for your blog.

All these options have fetched guaranteed results, and they are a must try.

Let’s dive in to understand what is email marketing and the power of email marketing, its benefits. And how it is helpful for bloggers to promote their blogs.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a way to promote your blog/business/service/product to your targeted audience in the form of a well-designed and descriptive email.

You can send an email to a vast number of people in one go.

But for the same, you must require email ids of your targeted audiences, and you can collect the same from your blog or from some other way.

Phases of Email Marketing

If you are under the impression that Social Media Marketing has completely engulfed Email Marketing, you are misguided.

There are still a whole bunch of professionals who can add to the customer base and increase blog readers through Email Marketing.

Here are the phases of Email Marketing:

# Goal Planning

You need to have an objective before creating an email. You need to know the purpose of sending the email, your blog readers and the reason for people to read it.

Do not send random emails to your readers. They may consider those emails as spam and may lose interest in you and your blog.

# Message

Your content has to be informative and must be able to connect with your blog readers. It should be catchy as well as memorable. Hit the right message!

# Evaluation

You need to keep a track of the people who have viewed your email and have clicked the link that you have shared.

If the statistics are high, your objective of Email Marketing is served. Repeat it!

Importance of Email Marketing

It is easily adaptable and can customize as per the need.

For example: (a) If your target audience is college pass outs, you can create your content accordingly. (b) If your target audience is a social group, let the content modify as per the need.

It is a less expensive way to build brand awareness. You can incorporate it into the marketing plan without shelling any additional amount.

You aren’t losing anything by using Email Marketing. It is worth a try!

What are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

#1. Cost Effectiveness

Marketing means a whole lot of investment. Every blogger sets a budget to market his/her blog to reach more audience.

If you are taking the use of Television ads, Radio and print media, it is going to be an expensive affair.

But a well designed, detailed and informative email can save those huge expenses, and you can promote your blog with a less marketing budget.

However, you can hire a professional or an agency to run regular email campaigns or you can also take help of email marketing tools like MailChimp or Aweber.

There are few more popular email marketing tools. Find the list in below link.

#2. Crosses Geographical Boundaries

Who knows, from which corner of the world a person can show the interest to read your blog posts. You can promote your blog irrespective of the geographical location.

In the era of Globalization, every blogger would want to reap the advantages of it and expand. An email marketing has no boundaries and can reach to more audiences across the Globe.

#3. Measurable Effects

You cannot plan the marketing tactics and leave them without knowing the results. You need to figure out if your marketing strategy has been a hit or not.

The investment for blog promotions must pay you off. The only way to find out the effectiveness of Email marketing is to use analytical tools.

You can see the number of readers who have gone through the emails, click-through rate, conversion rates and so on.

If you find the campaign to be ineffective, you can change it immediately.

#4. Easy To Share

If you have brilliant content and creative ideas, subscribers will forward your email to their friends and group members.

A single click in their mailbox can help you to promote your blog to your reader’s network. Make sure your email can be forwarded or can be shared on Social Media Platforms quickly.

There are influences and trendsetters, and if your marketing campaign can impress them, you will highly be benefitted.

#5. Target Specific

If you are targeting a niche group and your blog aren’t meant for the general public, you can focus more on your readers with a particular interest rather trying to target the entire mass.

You can customize the content for a group of people and can plan to send an email to their mailbox.

If you are only targeting a niche audience, then there are better chances for a higher conversion rate.

#6. Segmentation

If you have time and budget constraint, you can always set criteria. You can email them only if they meet your requirements or to those who are your subscribers.

You can choose your receivers depending on the region that you want to target.

If there is a blog of your reader’s interest in a particular category, you can plan and send emails to those readers who have shown interest in it.

#7. Call To Action

Heard of impulse buying? Email Marketing can serve as a call to action. If your blog is promoting an e-commerce business, then you can send the purchase link right in the mail.

A click on the link will assist the buyer in making a purchase. A rousing call to action is a sure way to and to your sales figure.

Thus, in this Global Era, if you are looking for a budget-friendly marketing tool, there cannot be anything better than Email Marketing. It is like the bull’s eye that directly hits the target.

If you have been busy promoting your brand only on social media platforms, you need to deviate slightly from there and start focusing on Email Marketing for your blog.

Next time when you receive a promotional mail, do understand the power of Email Marketing and try the same for your brand.

There are several benefits of Email Marketing, and the ones as mentioned earlier are few amongst the lot.

Do share your opinion with us. Let us know how effective Email Marketing has been for your blog.

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