Ways I Use To Find Out What My Readers Want From My Blog

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by Saurabh K

These days, blogging is as common as the 9-5 workday.

Businesses and individuals alike are blogging on every topic you could ever imagine.

While 30% of the blogging world is doing so for the pure joy of it, businesses of every kind are blogging the other 70%.

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Regardless of what or whom you blog for, pleasing your readers is what makes you a success in the blogosphere.

After logging all those hours, you hope that your loyal fans or passing internet junkies will enjoy the words that fill the page, right?

Can you know for sure if they will?

Business or personal, you don’t want to put in hours perfecting each and every word for nothing.

You’ve got to know what your readers want to see; what will catch the eye of a rambling web surfer.

Let’s learn the most easy and free ways to find out, what your readers want from your blog.

Ways to Find Out What Readers Want from Your Blog

Here is a list of popular tips to identify the interest area of your visitors.


If your blog gets enough visitors to generate comments, this is the first place you want to look for writing material.

When you are trying to give your readers what they want, what better way than to see what they have to say about posts you’ve already written?

Looks for Questions? Concerns? Suggestion? Address them in your next post and mention the commenter if possible.

Always remember; People, like to be heard!


WordPress and other popular blogging sites offer polling widgets.

These can be helpful in discovering exactly what is of interest to those who peruse your blog.

The best way to get the answers you’re looking for is to be explicit; ask about a particular blog post or give specific topical questions.


One good way to give your bloggers what they want: let them write it themselves.

The important thing to keep in mind here is to set your boundaries, qualifications, and specifics upfront.

Many blogs have made use of guest blogging and found it to be quite successful.

As the blog owner, you simply need to set parameters for those who are interested and watch the posts come flowing in.

Only entertain real people with authentic and quality content.

Most people write a guest post only for a backlink. Avoid them, there is no harm in that.


WordPress offers may suggestion box plugin that is easy to use and great for both you and your readers.

While the comments can serve this purpose as well, some may want to directly contact you.

By referencing this at the end of every post you will create a space for personal reader reactions.

You can also add a simple feedback button; asking, was the information useful?

Like I use on my blog TechNumero.


Research what frequent internet users are doing.

You’ll find that YouTube gets 2 billion views a day, worldwide and a Visual Economics Guide infographic showed that internet users spend 42% of their time viewing content.

What does all this mean for your blog?

Get more visual content!

With the rise of Pinterest as a social networking site, it is clear that online content devotees like their visual content.

Installing a YouTube plugin, posting videos to enhance your content, and telling your story with photos may garner more viewers, and keep your current fans coming back for more.

Simple bits of information like this can provide you with a general view of what’s trending and popular.


With the internet moving at the speed of a freight train, there is a new fad every week.

Getting these involved with your blog will allow your loyal readers to get everything in one.

They can read your blog and get a taste of the flavor of the week.

Something to try: Infographics.

These visually appealing displays of information have swept every web aficionado off their feet.

With bright pops of color and fun facts, they are easy to digest and fun to look at.

If you have even a small amount of experience with Adobe Illustrator, you can create your own.

Otherwise, use online tools like Canva and Fotor to create astonishing infographics.

Simply research statistics on your current blog topic and put the information together yourself.

When you spend a significant amount of time with your head in the blogosphere preparing content, you want it to reach someone.

Whether you blog for a business, trying to get customer support, or for your own pleasure, happy readers are always your end goal.

Do you use any other tool to discover your visitors’ interest, let me know via the comments section below.


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