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Let’s explore a number of exciting websites for Free Stock Photos (Royalty free images). You will not need to pay or signup to download free images from these sites.

Images are an integral part of articles that appear in a blog. They brighten up the posts and help to attract more readers.

But we’ve got used to seeing shoddy stock images of people dressed in suits shaking each other’s hands. Plenty of these stock photos are shabby and cost money!

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But now a large number of websites are providing attractive stock photographs – and they’re for free!

Aesthetic beauty is what good images are all about. Simply put, they have to look really good!

Typewriter Blog Royalty Free Image

In today’s high technology world, you can get images of any dimension that you desire, be it rectangular or square of vertical or round – or any other shape.

The theme of images for all digital uses is varied and numerous. Some of the more common ones involve people and are shot in studios where models pose for the pics.

They express a wide range of gesticulations and emotions. Images related to nature and travel are another common theme.

Photographers use the highest quality cameras so that their products are looked upon with awe.

The best thing is that a large number of images can be gotten for free. In this post, we’ll see some of the main websites for free stock photos from where you can download free images.

Home Office Couch Mackbook Free Stock Photos

Best Sites for Free Stock Photos (Royalty Free Images)

  • Unsplash
  • Pixabay
  • Pexels
  • Flickr
  • StockSnap
  • Gratisography
  • FreeRangeStock
  • MorgueFile
  • Life of Pix
  • FreeDigitalPhotos
  • Superfamous Studios
  • Negative Space
  • Picjumbo
  • IM Free
  • Jay Mantri
  • New Old Stock
  • Wikimedia
  • Burst
  • KaboomPics

# Unsplash

The free stock photos site on my list is Unsplash. Some claim that this collection of high-res free pictures is one of the best sources of stock images.

Indeed, you’ll notice that a few theme authors use these pics in their templates and Bootstrap themes.

Ten new pictures are released by Unsplash every 10-day period under the CC domain. Download copyright free images from UnSplash now.

Travel Planning Map Copyright Free Image

# Pixabay

Next best site to download free images is Pixabay. For stunning stock images, ones that pack both emotion and color, bookmark Pixabay.

It has a broad range of images coming from around the world, which are free – including commercial uses. Besides, there’s no need for attribution. Explore Pixabay for free stock photos here.

# Pexels

Another best site for free stock photos is Pexels. All images in Pexels fall under the Creative Commons Zero (CCO) license. This means you are able to use the downloaded pictures for commercial purposes too.

It boasts 5000+ new high-quality royalty free photos and a total stock of more than 25,000. Check out Pexels for copyright free stock images here.

Tomato Recipe Food Free Stock Image

# Flickr

You must have known about the Flickr for free stock photos. You don’t have to pay any royalty for most of the images from this website which has a huge database. However, there is a section for which you have to pay for a few photos.

To download, you must go to the common creative category and search for images you need. You’ll get the appropriate images – a large variety of them — of various sizes. Download the ones you feel will go with your write-up.

After you’ve downloaded the images of your liking, link back to the images’ source, and don’t forget to provide attribution. Download free photos from Flickr and use it in your next blog post.

Download Royalty Free Images

# StockSnap

Like Pexels you get top quality images here for free – under the CCO license. All images are royalty free for commercial and personal use, all without asking permission.

At StockSnap.io, you’ll find a wide range of very attractive high-res images and stock photos. StockSnap.io provides a useful search feature which makes it simple to go through the thousands of images on the site.

Additionally, it tracks downloads and views and that enables you to discover the most popular images available. Hundreds of pics are added every week on this site. Head over StockSnap now for copyright free images.

# Gratisography

This site is different in that you can download images and use them for professional and personal reasons without giving the pics credits!

The picture quality is excellent. So, what are you waiting for, download free images from Gratisography now.

# Freerange

Another site for high-quality free stock images is Freerange. Before downloading from this site you have to register – for free –on their website.

The awesome feature of this site is, if you are a lensman, you can even upload the pictures and earn cash using the Adsense revenue sharing plan.

Create an account here on Freerange and download copyright-free photos whenever you want. It’s totally free.

Sites For Free Images Download

# MorgueFile

The next website on this list of royalty free images is MorgueFile. This website is one of the finest image sites where you can search for pictures category-wise which makes your task that much easier.

It has easy navigation and a clean landing page. You can also crop the photo to suit your blog post. Explore MorgueFile to download free photos here.

# Life of Pix

Life of Pix is another nice site to download free stock images. This convenient site offers images in different categories like cultures, business, nature, animals, etc.

Life of Pix has a large free stock photo gallery and the images are of top quality.

The site is regularly updated with new images and users can download high-resolution stock photos of different genres. Go and check the Life of Pix site to download copyright free photos here.

Boat Girl Royalty Free Image

# FreeDigitalPhotos

With FreeDigitalPhotos, you’ll get more than free royalty pictures. You download Word, Powerpoint, Photoshop and Educational projects and more, for personal as well as commercial uses.

You also get greeting cards here but they’re not for commercial purposes. Use FreeDigitalPhotos here to download stock images for free.

# Superfamous

Superfamous Studios is a Los Angeles studio of Dutch designer Folkert Gorter. You can make use of the works for your any purpose, including commercial, so long as you provide credits to the images.

It has a large and varied collection that includes biological, aerial, geological images and more.

Download Copyright Free Images

# NegativeSpace

The next project on this list of free stock photos is Negative Space. Negative Space allows you to get 20 new pics weekly, released under the CC. The images can be arranged by copy space category and color.

Users are permitted to copy the images and make variations to it. You can download free images anytime and you don’t need to have permission to modify the images or give credit to the site before using them. Explore the Negative Space site here for royalty free photos.

# Picjumbo

Picjumbo, another source to have royalty free images. It is fully free can be used for personal and photos of commercial works. New free stock images are added every day.

You will find a huge variety of sections that include fashion, abstract, nature, technology, etc. Download beautiful free stock photos from PicJumbo here.

Ferrari Spider Royalty Free Image

# IM Free

A categorized assembly of free stock image resources for commercial purposes. The site offers free but only quality images, icons, and templates.

Some pics may require attribution, but still IM Free is a curated collection of free web design resources. Check out this link of IM Free for such a special collection of images.

# Jay Mantri

Looking for high-quality royalty free images, you must check out new photos on the site. These high-quality pics are released every Thursday under the CC0 license. The site posts a few truly great photos on a wide variety of themes.

By looking at the pics, users get a sneak peek at several adventures that are explored by the photographer. Explore Jay Mantri now.

Running Runner Girl Royalty Free Image

# New Old Stock

Last but not least site for free stock images is New Ola Srock. If you are looking for old, vintage photographs, which evoke nostalgia? Come to this site and get photos from public archives without any copyright restrictions.

The New Old Stock is a perfect place for recapturing history and a lot more from past lives. Go and download free images from New Old Srock here.

A couple of more places to add to this list are Wikimedia, Burst from Shopify, KaboomPics, etc.

There are even more copyright free image sites, apart from the ones listed above. You have to keep on searching for best suited free stock photos for your post so that your content is the best in a fiercely competitive field.

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