A Few Serious Tips to Get More Referrals

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by Saurabh K

The growth of your business depends on the number of customers you can make.

Of course, you are doing a good job by giving the best products and the best quality service available in the market, yet to grow your business you need marketing.

Marketing is important to get more customers, in short, to get more business or to expand your business.

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Let’s be very clear each one of us needs more business in order to earn more money. Marketing is not always successful and neither is it always cheap.

Well, now the question is what should be done to earn more business?

Referrals, YES referrals are one thing each one of us might have asked for in the past.

Now these referrals can be for anything like to get service or to provide service. In fact, even we refer a number of our family and friends to service providers we’ve liked. You can definitely try this for your business.

Now you might be wondering who would be able to provide you with these important prospects that you can convert into customers.

The answer is very simple these people can be people related to your business make sure they are not your competitors, customers who have liked your work, family, and friends.

You can get more referrals, which means more business by just following a few tips given below, take a look.

Link Up with a Famous Partner

Quite possibly, you have the best service and the best products yet you do not have customers.

The reason behind not having customers is not being famous or not having as many contacts as possible.

Now you can go door to door to know people and promote your business.

But then how many houses can you cover, would people even entertain you?

Let’s think this way, what if you get in touch with a person who knows about people who would be interested in your business?

I am sure you agree with me because the second option of getting in touch with one person is much better than trying to get in touch with too many strangers.

You can offer some percentage of your earnings to your partner for each referral that converts into a customer.

Make sure you offer money for customers and not plain referrals that do not convert into customers.

But before you offer money or start getting these very valuable referrals you need to look for a person who would know of people interested in your business.

Once you know the right person you need to first develop your relationship with this person. And as soon as you think it is time you can ask for referrals, you can leave your visiting cards with him or you can even as your partner if you can stick your flyers outside his office or shop.

Get References from Existing Customers

Every time you give service or you sell a product you make a customer.

Did you know that these customers can provide you with referrals?

Yes! they definitely can.

If the customer you make is very happy with your service or your products they themselves will refer their friends, family, and colleagues to your business.

You can definitely ask for referrals from customers who have loved your job, just the timing needs to be correct.

Yes, the timing here plays a very important role in getting more business.

To get the timing right you need to first make sure you provide your best product or your best service to your existing customer.

Of course, bad or shabby work is not accepted or referred to anyone, so make sure that your service is very good.

Once your customer is happy with your job you can ask if he knows of anyone who is not happy with the same job provided by others.

Someone who is not happy with their existing service provider would definitely want to consider your job.

Well, this is not all you can also ask your customer to refer your business to people who need it.

Take Help from Social Networking Sites

Updating your business on social sites is very common.

You will definitely have people getting in touch with you through your site; however, it has to still grow. By growth here I mean your business and your contact have to still grow.

Once you set a partner for yourself you can ask your partner to mention you and your business on his social networking site.

Using this method your partner can introduce you to a number of people interested in your business.

The same applies to your customers.

Once you are done with giving your best service to your customer you can ask him to mention you and your business on his social networking site.

This is an amazing way of increasing your contacts and prospect referrals.

Some popular social networking sites you should consider include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.

Set Contest for Referrals

This one good way of doing business can be very helpful for your emerging business.

Every time a referral or a prospective client is sent to you, you definitely call the person who sent the referral to thank them.

As you make a call offer your customer or your partner a contest, the contest can be offering a gift hamper or cash for conversion of a particular amount of referrals.

This contest can be really very helpful.

Wrapping It Up

You do not have to look for the amount of money you will be spending you will look for the amount of business you get.

The knack here is to do your business just right and leave your publicity and marketing to others.

Undoubtedly good business gets a good response. Now increasing this response is your job.

A little mouth publicity by you to people around you can definitely work well; however, mouth publicity by others to strangers interested in your business can simply work wonders.

These wonders have the capacity to increase your business and customers for your business amazingly.

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