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by Saurabh K

WordPress can be a source of income for many people. Lots of freelancers and developers earn money by using WordPress and selling services, plugins, themes or consultancy. The affiliate programs for WordPress is a good medium to earn cash via product promotion.

For this, you need to promote the product with their affiliate link and receive a commission related to sales.

Affiliate marketing requires hard work.

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Affiliate marketers have to comprehend what they are promoting — on their blog or website.

You should be capable of driving lots of traffic to their site/blog and try out various methods of link promotion.

Affiliate Programs for WordPress You Must Promote

Since bloggers are working in the WordPress niche, products recommended to them should provide them custom solutions to their problems.

Some of the popular products are: 1) Premium Plugins and Themes. 2) WordPress Hosting. 3) Tools for WordPress Backup management. 4) Third Party facilities like BlogEngage and Aweber.

Affiliate Networks to Explore

The number of products available for WordPress runs into the thousands so it would be impossible to list every plugin, service or theme here.

The paid ones give your far more features than the others to take care of particular aspects of your blog.

A Google search will enable you to check up the various affiliate programs that are offered.

But if you want a short cut to discovering these programs, join affiliate networks where you will find whatever you are searching for. Some of the finest networks are:

  1. Clickbank: Here you will find all the digital products which you can promote in varied categories. It has a vast database of WordPress stuff – plugins, themes, e-books, and tutorials.
  2. ShareASale: Products of every niche of WordPress affiliate programs can be found here, like NameCheap and Genesis Framework.
  3. JVZoo: If you’re in Internet marketing this is the place to visit. The main products available in this network are either video tutorials or e-books. Of course, there are also WordPress products to choose from. It’s simple and free to join this program. The Payout is via PayPal; cookies lifetime.
  4. E-Junkie: This is another great affiliate network where you’ll find all affiliated programs related to WordPress.
  5. Impact: An affiliate network, much similar to ShareASale. You find many WordPress affiliate programs here such as Hostgator, Gravity Forms etc.

Best Affiliate Programs for WordPress Themes

  1. Genesis: This is one of the most popular WordPress theme frameworks. It’s high-priced and meant for professional bloggers and online business. The skin and framework of Genesis are easy to endorse. In this two-layer program, you’ll get a commission of 35% of sales through bank transfers/ACH and 60 days’ cookies. Genesis is selling like hotcakes and almost everyone seems to be recommending it. And there’s a good reason for that. When people purchase it and use it the chances of them looking for something else are bleak. Other good theme affiliate programs are Elegant Themes, GeneratePress, and Envato Market.
  2.  MyThemeShop: This is an awesome theme for WordPress which codes attractive themes. So check out this theme program for they also offer great commissions.

Top Affiliate Programs for WordPress Plugins

  1. Plugmatter: You’ll get a neat 50% commission per sale with this plugin. In your blog write about the product and earn good money.
  2. Gravity Forms: This is a recommended premium WordPress plugin. It’s easy to endorse this plugin in banner ads or blogs, thanks to its featured pack and many tutorials. eJunkie manages this program which gives 20% commission through PayPal.
  3. Yoast: SEO is a vital factor in a blog’s growth. You won’t get high traffic if you fail to optimize your posts. Your on-page optimization must be perfect to make your article stand out. Yoast will help you to achieve this.
  4. Thirsty Affiliates: This plugin can be used to cover your blog’s affiliate links to a thing that’s simple to remember. The premium plugin gives you all the features but you can get a free version too. This program offers many commission schemes. Your commission is proportionately linked to the number of copies you sell and since it’s very popular, it will be profitable if you promote it on your blog.

Other Affiliate Programs for WordPress Services

  1. Aweber: for Email marketing: Email marketing helps you to stay in touch with your readers as well as your audience. You are able to despatch premium content to your subscribers and promote services and products to earn some money. Aweber helps you to send offers and Emails to your list. You get an income of 30% recurring commission.
  2. Sucuri: It’s important to have a backup for your blog as insurance against someone hacking it or tampering with it and making changes which will adversely affect your blog structure. For this, there’s Backup and Security Service called Sucuri, one of the most popular security and backup service in the market. It will help you to take regular backups and keep your site secure. You can also promote Sucuri with your audience and make some cash from it.


Let’s look over the importance of WordPress themes before concluding this write-up.

There’s a saying, which you must have heard: “The first impression you get is also the last impression.”

So when you get a new guest on your blog S/he will either be impressed by the awesome design of your blog or be disappointed with the poor design and however good your content may be, s/he won’t return to your blog.

So carefully choose the WordPress theme that best suits your blog.

Don’t be in a hurry.

Every blog is unique and so the theme must also be unique and matching with your content.

Then you can easily promote various themes by offering discounts, writing reviews and coupon codes for your readers.

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