Pro Bloggers’ Secrets to Choose Right Affiliate Products

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by Saurabh K

Top secrets of professional bloggers revealed. Find the perfect ways to choose the right affiliate products to promote and make money online.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money online. In my previous posts, I have covered how to get started with Amazon Affiliates, recommended affiliate programs for WordPress topics. And now in this post, I am focusing on how to find the right products for affiliate marketing.

Choosing the right affiliate products to promote on a blog can help to accomplish the dream to become a successful affiliate marketer and make a huge amount of money online.

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Many bloggers do not find it lucrative to promote affiliate products on their blogs, so they choose to advertise over affiliates. The core reason which I observed is to pick an inappropriate product for affiliate or they might not aware of the perfect strategy to promote affiliate products.

Getting success in affiliate marketing is not an easy task, you may get stuck if you do not know the right strategy. Here I am discussing a perfect strategy to choose the right affiliate products to promote on your blog.

Guide for Choosing Right Product to Affiliate

Here are the pro bloggers’ secrets to choosing the right affiliate products, these strategies will surely help you to find a related affiliate product with your niche.

# Choose Right Affiliate Marketplace

There are many affiliate marketplaces available. Choosing the right affiliate market and products for the affiliate is the key to getting success in affiliate marketing.

ClickBank, ShareASale, Amazon, TradeDoubler and Commission Junction are a few of the popular and best affiliate marketplaces to find the right products for the affiliate.

# Do Not Choose Irrelevant Products to Affiliate

I have seen many bloggers who made this mistake by picking up the wrong products to affiliate and did not achieve their goals. Always choose the affiliate products in which your targeted audiences have an interest.

Let’s take one example, A blogger who blogs about Men’s Fashion and s/he affiliates about the furniture products. Did you find anything thing wrong here? Clearly, there are very low chances that the audience of Men’s Fashion blog will be interested in furniture products. 

This is evident that his/her targeted audiences are more interested to know more about the Men’s Fashion and selling them products related to Fashion will make money.

Understand the niche completely and understand the interest of your targeted audience thoroughly. Know each and every likes/dislike of the targeted audience and based on that pick the right affiliate products. This will make a win-win situation to make money online from affiliate marketing.

# Use of Best Affiliate Tools

For WordPress users, there is one handy plugin available, which makes the affiliate task very easy. And that plugin is ThirstyAffiliates, it will mask affiliate links and will create user-friendly links for the readers.

Pro version of this plugin adds more values in features of this plugin and enhances the money-making chances for bloggers. Azon, Geolocation, Google Click Tracking and more offered in the pro version of ThirstyAffiliates Plugin.

Download the ThirstyAffiliates Plugin from here, another good alternative of ThirstyAffiliates is Pretty Links, both free and paid version of Pretty Links are available for your use.

# Pick Trending Products to Affiliate

Picking up the hottest discussed products on the blog where the engagement ratio of the audience is also higher, are the best affiliate products to promote on your blog.

Let’s take an example, The same Men’s Fashion blogger found that new Denim from Levis has been very popular among the targeted audience and also the most engaging topic on the blog.

S/he thought to start affiliate for that same denim. S/he looked for those popular Levis Denim and promoted Amazon affiliate links to his/her audience. As a result, the blogger made huge money by affiliating those hottest discussed products on the blog.

# Choose Affiliate Product Relevant to Blog Niche

Affiliate marketing is not only about selling products on the blog. But it is also about choosing the right product to promote. For successful marketing, every blogger must have a complete understanding of affiliate marketing.

A niche affiliate program and the product related to the topic and content of the blog could be the best choice of the right affiliate product.

For example, Men’s fashion blogger published a post related to Comfortable Running Shoes. Where S/he added 5 different shoes that are comfortable while running. The post will encourage readers to buy any one pair of the shoe by using the affiliate link. This can make more money compared to and another way of affiliate product promotions.

# Monitor Affiliate Products and Sales

Monitoring affiliate products that have been added to blog posts is one of the best strategies in affiliate marketing. Tracking clicks on affiliate links and comparing the conversions can help to understand readers’ interest in the suggested products in the blog post.

If your findings are less or there is no conversion, then you must change the affiliate strategy to promote the products.

Find the best products or the best way to promote the products to get more conversions.

For example, A post about Comfortable Running Shoes has excellent views and readers have clicked 100 times on the affiliate links. But out those 100 clicks, not a single product was sold, which means something is wrong with the affiliate strategy.

That blogger is smart. S/he studied those data and understood where was the problem. S/he replaced those 5 pairs of shoes with bestselling and highly rated shoes. And also added beautiful product images in the blog posts.

As a result, good click count on the affiliate links increased, and higher conversion happened.

# Best Materials of Affiliate Product Promotions

Many newbie bloggers have questions about which are the best materials to promote affiliate products.

Nowadays, you will find Banners, promotional matters, images, shorten links and more types of materials already made available from the product side for the promotion of affiliates.

If you ask for my opinion then my first choice is the self-creating material based on my audiences’ interest.

Wrapping Up Ways to Choose Right Affiliate Products

I believe that every blogger is smart enough to understand which things are moving in the right direction and what’s going wrong.

My only recommendation is to keep review your affiliate marketing strategy on a periodic basis & take action accordingly. I prefer the review on a quarterly basis.

Based on these understandings you must have to update the affiliate marketing strategy by choosing the right affiliate products to promote and sell on our blog.

The key thing to select the right affiliate products could be based on –

  • your visitors’ interest,
  • the product has the best sales counts, and
  • good reviews from the other customers.

The affiliate products which fall into these categories are the best products to affiliate and make money online.

This is it!!!!

How has this post helped you? Do you have any other strategies that I forgot to share? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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