10+ Proven Tips To Quickly Improve Your Blogging Skills

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by Rajesh Kumar

Writing isn’t a day’s job especially when it comes to writing for the blog. We often struggle with writing in a way to communicate our thoughts clearly to our readers. Let’s learn a few proven tips to improve your blogging skills.

While many businesses depend on blogging today, the real question is – how to write the content that will go viral.

The greatest benefit of blogging for your business is that it will help to keep your social media presence going.

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Not only that it will drive traffic to your business, but it will also convert it into leads.

That’s why it is important to keep coming up with the fresh ideas for blogging and at the same time, keep your content error-free.

Before we go any further, let us look at some stats by Aabaco that indicate the importance of blogging for businesses –

  • Brands that create at least 15 blog posts in a month will have better lead generation. The average is 1200 new leads a month
  • Companies that actively blog get up to 55% more visitors
  • Blogs that have images will get 94% more views
  • Companies that blog result in 67% more leads as compared to those who don’t


So to master your writing skills, start investing your time in your blog and follow these practical tips to grow your blog exponentially –

How to Improve Your Blogging Skills

#1. Read Regularly and Everyday

Reading every day for at least an hour is a proven way to enhance your memory and creative skills. The scientific explanation for it will be an enhanced cognitive functioning of our brain.

Reading other blogs, information, news or books will give you insights about the market trends and you will also come across different styles of writing.

This directly impacts your vocabulary and next time you are writing, the words will come up automatically from your memory. So read, a lot.

#2. Practice Mini Writing Skills

Writing a great blog is the sum total of many small skills like writing good sentences, use engaging words, cooking up metaphors, coming up with mini-stories, adding punctuation and use flavored phrases.

All these skills can’t be learned overnight.

Focus on mini skills like sentence construction, avoiding bland phrases and jargons and more.

Practice a lot. Take cues from the already written content. Slowly and steadily, you will be able to do better.

#3. Research on the Internet

The next tip on the list to improve your blogging skills is to spend some quality time on the internet.

The Internet is the warehouse of knowledge.

You can find many topics freshly churned and served to the world digitally. All you need is to find interesting topics and study how well they are written.

You will also get to know about the latest trends in blogging and you might get to choose a topic for yourself.

#4. Brainstorm and Talk to Yourself

You have got ideas, maybe many of them.

The rule of thumb is to brainstorm and talk it out. Talk it out with your friends, if you don’t find one, talk to yourself.

The more you talk, the more clarity you will have about the blog topic you want to write.

You will experience a swift flow of ideas in your brain and within minutes you will be able to structure it in your head.

That’s definitely a kick-start to your blog topic and the chances are you will end up writing a high-quality post.

#5. Structure your Idea

Once you are sure about what you want to write, it is important to structure it.

Define a format and flow your ideas accordingly. Readers won’t like to read a badly streamlines blog post that lacks flow.

Make a set structure starting with an introduction and proceed further with one step at a time.

#6. Enrich your Content

The best way to create enriched and appealing content is to make the right use of vocabulary, another important tip to improve your blogging skills.

Take cues from articles in magazines and newspapers that engage the most readers.

Look for cues. Practice the art of adding flavored words and phrases or some fresh metaphors that help to engage the readers.

Also, keep a tab on trending words to incorporate into your blog post and stay ahead of the game.

#7. Inspire Yourself

Nobody is a born writer!

You need to polish your skills infinitely to make more engaging and reader-oriented blog posts.

The key is to keep inspiring yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back when you write a good blog.

Study some articles or your favorite websites to get your daily dose of inspiration. Study how to write attention-grabbing headlines and posts.

Polish your skills and embrace inspiration wherever you find it. You might find inspiration in simple poetry or nature or whatever appeals to you.

#8. Proof-read your Posts Well

Next to powerful tip on this list to improve your blogging skills is ensured Bullet-proof Proofreading.

Make a habit of proofreading your new posts as well as old posts. This will be a continual experience and you will keep re-inventing yourself this way.

It will give you insights about your flaws and how to correct them. So get to work and proofread till you find it perfect.

#9. Make Time to Write

Make time to write every day. Set aside an hour or two every day and dedicate it completely to writing.

Call it your ‘writing time’ and make sure that you keep away from all distractions within that time period.

If possible, stay away from gadgets.

Choose a time when the distractions will be minimum, e.g. early morning is the best to stimulate creativity.

#10. Resources

There can be many resources to improve your blog writing skills such as tools for improved writing, guides, blogs, and handy tips. The best tools for improving the writing skills are – Grammarly and Hemingway App.

Grammarly is an online tool that helps a great deal in proof-reading your blog post and also gives suggestions to correct our errors. It is a great tool for professional writers.

Hemingway app helps you to create short and easy-to-understand sentences. It is a skill that not many possess.
Besides these, you can always upgrade your writing style by getting inspired by top-notch blogs that make the most money on the internet.

Bonus Tip

Keep yourself organized – Creating a Blog content calendar is also a great tip.

Wrapping Up the Tips to Improve Your Blogging Skills

10 Proven Tips to Improve Your Blogging Skills

  1. Read Regularly and Every Day
  2. Practice Mini Writing Skills
  3. Keep Up the Research on the Internet
  4. Brainstorm and Talk to Yourself
  5. Structure your Ideas and Proceed With One-Step at a Time.
  6. Enrich your Content by Keep Looking for Cues
  7. Inspire Yourself – Give Yourself a Pat on a Job Well Done.
  8. Do not forget to Proof-read your Posts
  9. Make Time to Write Every Day
  10. Use Online Tools to Improving your Writing Skills
  11. Keep Yourself Organized – Create a Blog Content Calendar

In the world of blogging, you need to understand the pulse of your audience to hit the right chord among readers.

If you get successful in doing so, then there is no stopping for your business. The traffic will convert into leads and leads will translate into sales. All you need to focus is on blogging really good.

Hope you find this article on tips to improve your blogging skills useful.

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