How to Make Money and Get Famous on YouTube

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by Saurabh K

A lot of time and energy goes into creating and promoting the videos. And do not be surprised to know that you can earn millions through these videos. Most of the viewers have become addicted to videos as they are more convenient and comfortable to watch. With the increase in the features, the users can buffer the video and watch it later, download them, share them and so on.

You can find tutorials, product reviews, news, DIY projects, entertainment, comedy, history and other channels that are dedicated to the respective field. You can subscribe to your favorite channel and keep yourself updated.

If you have created videos that have gone viral and want to do it even more, here are sure-shot ideas that can help you make money on YouTube.

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How to Make Money and Get Famous On YouTube

Make Money With Google Adsense

Remember, the ads that are displayed while you play your favorite videos? Yes, they are a great source of minting money. YouTube is paid a certain amount by the brands for promoting their products and services. YouTube in return embeds the ad to your videos and will give you a share of the amount that they receive.
The amount varies from the number of times your video has been played, the country from where the visitors have arrived, the time duration and how many times it was being watched and so on. There are other such metrics that decide the bottom line, but, you will be paid for sure.

Firstly, you need to create a Google account. If you already have one, link it with YouTube account page. You need to create an Adsense account and link it with your YouTube account. You need to provide information such as payment information, Employee ID number, tax reporting information and so on.

Once you have provided all the details, Google will assess your account and will approve it. But, it is a difficult task to get your Google Adsense account approved as there are several parameters for it.

Your videos must be engaging as high clicks and engagement are more important than the total views. The number of times the ads are clicked, the recurring viewers or the new viewers, bounce rates and such other factors will decide the money that can you make through your Adsense account.

Make Use Of The Affiliate Marketing

You must be under the assumption that Affiliate Marketing can be applied only for blogs. But, let us remind you that this tool can be used for YouTube Marketing as well. You cannot place the products as used in Blogs but you can create the video of the products or services.

You can display the features, usage instructions and other such details in the form of a video. Add the purchase link in the description of the video so that the viewers can directly make a purchase by visiting the website. There are times when impulse purchase takes place.

If your video is convincing enough to lure the viewers to make a purchase, you will be paid by the brand. The commission amount varies from brand to brand and the levels of views.

Have Products? Promote Them All

If you have your own products, what better way than promoting them through YouTube Videos. You can create a video describing the usage and features of the product. Try to make your video promotional as well as entertaining. This is a sure way to boost your product sales as well as make money out of it. Here are the steps:

  • Create the product
  • Develop a website
  • Make a video
  • Sponsor it with Ads
  • Attract views on the videos
  • Pitch and Sales

Promote Your Talent

No, you do not have to sell yourself. If you think you are good at cooking, dancing, designing or any such hobby, why not promote your talent. The Internet is a great tool to spread a word amongst others. There are millions of internet users and everybody is looking for something or the other. You can create a tutorial and sell them off. You can also create a channel and keep adding videos to it.

Once you have created the videos, your task is to promote it. Remember, your Video income solely lies on the views that you receive. If you want your passive income to turn into active income, you need to promote your videos. Share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, Forums and so on.

Have a watch on spamming as too much of promotional activities will lead to spamming. See the YouTube Traffic report and decide upon it.

Create Amazing YouTube Series

Gone are the days when Television and movies were the only mediums to promote your story. Heard about Permanent Roommates or Bad Indian or Bring On The Night?

Yes, these viral series have grabbed the attention of millions of viewers. If you are creative enough and you have a story, create a YouTube series and earn handsomely in no time. Currently, 15 minutes long series are allowed by YouTube.

When you have finally decided to make money out of YouTube videos, you need to ensure that you follow the guidelines. Do not have lengthy videos which will distract the viewers. Have an effective title, description and do not forget to use the keywords. You cannot afford to make your videos SEO friendly as Search Engines play a major role in promoting your videos. Create appropriate channels and make your content informative. Lastly, the quality of the video matters the most, do not ignore it.

Apply these ideas and make money on YouTube, you can thank us later!

Hope this article has been informative to you. Do share your feedback with us and let us know if you were able to make money out of it.

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