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by Saurabh K

Want to make your writing compelling with less word? But what are the tricks that can help you make your writing crystal clear with less explanation? Find six unusual steps of smart content writing technique to make your text say more with less writing.

When it comes to fantastic writing, less is more important.

Good, concise writing is more than just writing because it creates an impact on readers with fewer words.

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The brevity of writing makes your points quickly and shrewdly. Because there is no need to waste words and most importantly readers’ time.

Unfortunately, many people love to write a lot with extremely long sentences.

This doesn’t sound like brevity in writing. Because no one’s going to waste their time to read long texts, massive sentences, and hard-to-absorb articles.

Write Less and Say More: Smart Content Writing Technique

For readers to value your content, what to do that they get to the point quickly?

In this article, I am going to share some tips that help you to say more in fewer words. But before that, we are going to see why you should write less?

# Why Should You Write Less?

Do you think someone is going to sit and read a 2000 words article on a topic that could be summed up in just one paragraph? Of course, they are not.

They are going to go to another site or publication that has covered the story in a few words. There is one study conducted that shows that people are getting less patient.

Impactful copy always gets to the point.

Thus, as content marketers, we really should learn to generate an article that doesn’t distract our readers from the main point of our article. For that, expressing ideas using fewer words works more.

# Can You Write Less?

Of course, you can. For that, you need to compress the text without losing the quality of it.

To do so, you need to get familiar with the mantra of “Omit needless words” to tighten your writing.

# How many Words Are Enough?

The thumb rule for concise writing is to express your ideas well in few words about relevant topics. In many cases, 500 to 1000 words are more than enough.

You can also split the long text into two articles.

There are also exceptions exists such as lengthy resources articles, how-to guides or complex texts were written for pros.

However, most of the time you can reduce the text without any aftermath.

6 Steps to Make Concise And Straight to The Point Texts

# Step 1: Set Up Your Plan For Writing

As a content writer, the first step of smart content writing technique is, set up your plan. Many content marketers skip this step, but drafting a plan for writing your content is half of the success.

To quickly write your content with fewer words and generating ideas about your content plan drafting steps works best. This will also take less time to write the whole content.

# Step 2: Omit Needless Sentences

Being creative in writing and being content marketer both are different. As a content marketer your words are precious, and so is your reader’s time.

The more unnecessary words you add, the more time your user loses. Thus, eliminate the needless sentences and words from your content and make leaner.

It lets you speak to your reads clearly. Note that when you are writing, what you take out is as essential as what you put it in.

# Step 3: Omit Phrases, Adverbs, And Linking Words

Adverbs, linking words and phrases do look in essays and novels. However, as a content writer, you should avoid using these types of text into your content, the third step of smart of content writing technique.

Because it makes your content more complicated and longer to read. This is just a waste of the time to use this kind of text into your content.

There is one tool available that helps you easily get rid of this sort of text.

Hemingway app will make this task very easy for you. This will show you some adverbs and phrases you should remove from your content to make it more readable.

# Step 4: Shorten The Complex Sentence As Well As Split A Text Into Abstracts

The second main rule does matter, when you write an article with brevity, you need to make your points quickly and shrewdly.

To make your article more readable, it is essential that you break down the complex sentence and long text into small segments.

This will help you find which part of the text or sentence you need to skip.

This is how you can omit the needless phrases. This will make your article easy to read and understand.

Each text and sentence should have one simple thought. More than that creates complexity and confusion too.

# Step 5: Read It Backward

This technique is helpful for checking to spell.

For that, start with the last word at the end of your article and work your way back to the starting while reading each word separately.

Since content and grammar will not make any sense, your focus will only be on the spelling of each word.

This will surely help you find the mistakes in your content and help you polish your content too.

# Step 6: Showing Your Content To Non-Native Speaker Works Best

Content marketing is focusing on the international market. When you write an article, you should consider showing you content to the non-native speakers.

Here, the meaning of non-native means international readers.

They use an international form of English language that can be understood by everybody. Thus, this is another great point of proofreading.

So show your content to somebody who is good at English make sure he/she is a non-native speaker.

Ask them three essential questions:

  • Is the article readable?
  • Does the text crystal clear?
  • Did you find the content interesting to catch the readers’ attention?

If the answers are positive, then the proofreading is complete, and you are ready to publish your article.

These steps of content writing technique are to let yourself go and write like there is no tomorrow. If there are any other ways to provide information in fewer words, then you can share it here.

Any question? Ask here, and I will get back to it very soon.

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