10 Effective Ways to Get More Comments on Blog Posts

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by Saurabh K

Every blogger around the world love comments, and valuable comments can generate some visitors and leads for the bloggers. Many popular bloggers spend hours in a week for reading and commenting on other people’s blog posts. This way they get lots of attraction and traffic to blog and business websites. They comment on industry blogs because those are the places where they find ideal clients and ideal readers.

However, many bloggers spend lots of hours on their post and finally publish their post on the blog. The search engine and social network campaigns then drive the traffic; this is it! Because they have to wait for people to read their post and leave comments. But at the end of the day or week, there is nothing, not a single comment on the blog post, and it seems as no one cares what they are sharing.

If this is happening to you as well, then it is very painful. But you can change it. Here with this article, I am listing ten effective ways to increase comments on your blog posts. So let’s explore those ten effective ways that you can use to generate more of the valuable comments and on top of that to get more traffic on your blog through user experience.

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10 Effective Ways to Get More Comments on Blog Posts

#1. Create Consistent & Compelling Content

Content is the king, and we all know about that. Your content is what your audience will get from you, so be sure your post content is relevant to your audience and people who are searching for.

Apart from that consistency is always the key to success. People always visit the blog more often. This is why it is essential to maintain the consistency of posting your articles on your blog. You must be a consistent blogger in your industry. The consistency that what I’m talking about is your post on a regular basis. This way you can encourage your audience to read your blog posts and leave their valuable comments on your blog posts.

#2. Keep It Easy For Audience And Let Them Subscribe

Blog readers often follow your blog feeds or subscribe to your email newsletters to get reminded about the new content on your blog. Keep a practice to notify such readers on a regular basis. This practice will encourage your readers to visit your blog frequently and they will share their comment on your blogs.

For that reason, you need to make it very obvious where how occasionally remind your loyal readers of the ease and share advantages of subscribing to your blog. Your readers will even encourage their friends to read your blog and leave valuable comments.

#3. Ask For Help Or Opinions

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. That is how it is with the comments as well. People love to be asked for something, and they will think they are making a valuable contribution. Asking people if they know how to fix a particular issue that you have, or asking people to give their opinion on a specific topic will encourage more and more readers to comment on your blog.

#4. Reply To All Comments

Comments are not a one-way thing, as a blogger you need to acknowledge when people leave comments. Thank your readers for their contribution to your blog. Negative comments are beneficial to drive the positive outcome. For example, if you resort and someone leaves a negative comment on your blog you can then turn that around.

You need to be attentive and thoughtful with your response and ask them to discuss for more information by emailing your team.

#5. Surprise Your Audience

People are most likely to respond if a blogger says something slightly controversial or sparks with lots of your mixed opinion. While don’t want a full-on war taking on your blog, your thoughtful opinions can drive to the helpful debates, and your readers will enjoy reading something new on your blog that is a bit controversial and out of the norm.

#6. Understand What They Need And Fill It

Understand the needs of your readers that your blog is filling. Yes, when you see a requirement and filling it. This way you can grab the attention of people, and they are willing to shout out about you in their network as you helped them to fulfill their needs.

#7. Share Your Thoughts By Commenting At Industry Specific Blogs

Share your thoughts in the way of commenting at other industry specific blogs. If readers on that blog find your comments helpful and interesting, then they will surely visit your blog. Thus you can generate traffic to your blog and enhance the chances to get more comments on your blog’s post. The only thing you need to take care is that your comments on another blog must add values for readers.

#8. Link Up With Other Site

Incorporating few links in your blog posts doesn’t take that much time, and most blog platforms automatically notify the websites which you linked to. If you want to leverage more, then take a quick look at the websites that you are linking to and use terms relevant to their site in links. It is one of the great ways to get noticed by larger websites that know plenty of the things about SEO to appreciate your attempts through comments.

#9. Get To The Point

Nobody loves to read through pages and pages which are full of text, so ensure your blog posts isn’t too long that your reader is leaving before and they get close to the end. Your blog post should be straightforward so that your readers get to the point and get a solution for their issue quickly.

#10. Take Advantage Of Eye-Catchy Headlines

Carefully pick the wording of your blog post heading. If you are crafting a too wordy title that is not very direct, then this will have less effect on a search engine as well as on your readers. So generate eye-catchy headlines of your blog posts that will make people read your blog post.

Bonus Tips

  • You can write a post as a guest on for other blogs in your industry.
  • Always use hashtags when you talk about your post on social media platforms.
  • Try to broadcast live video, for that what will be the best place than Facebook.
  • You can even link to other bloggers in your niche.
  • Build a connection with other bloggers.
  • Try to build a community.
  • Use comments on your blog to create future content.
  • Allow people to share your post by putting social media buttons on your blog.
  • Accept guest posting from other bloggers.
  • Write short articles as well.


These are some of the practical tips and ways through which you can get more comments on your blog posts. What blog commenting tactic you are using? Is there anything different in particular working well for your blog posts? I would love to hear your tactics and thoughts by commenting in the comments section.

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