Top 5 Best WordPress Contest & Giveaway Plugins Reviewed & Compared

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Want to make your blog more popular? Want to increase the traffic of your blog? Let’s walk through the best WordPress contest plugins that can help you run a contest & giveaway, create quick surveys, polls & games right from your dashboard.

Why You Should use a WordPress Giveaway Plugin on Your website?

Running a contest or sweepstake is a straight way to optimize visitor’s interaction with your blog and to make that happen, you need to take the help of few third-party plugins.

Have you ever imagine that contests can also be conducted on your blog?

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Well, nowadays there are many bloggers are already using this approach and why not you?

However, if you are wondering about the benefit of running a contest, it would be fair to say that there is a lot of it [1].

Along with making your blog more popular and optimizing your email subscriber’s list, you will be present with more followers, more attention, and an optimized reach.

Are you now convinced?

If yes, then you want to start a contest on your blog.

But how to do that?

Actually, running a contest can’t be done only by publishing a post like this

‘Hey, fellows here is a contest for you. Come and join the contest…’

These things don’t work like this.

To make most out of it, you need to set up a few of the ground rules.

You need first to set a time limit, promote the event and finally, choose the winners in a correct way.

I know this sounds lots of work. However, you can make these things very easy, using a dedicated WordPress Contest plugin.

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Today, I’m sharing a collection of the best paid and free WordPress contest plugins which you can use and apply a properly working contest module throughout the blog or site.

With these some excellent free WordPress Giveaway plugins you can create contests, sweepstakes, and even polls, etc. So let’s get started!

Best WordPress Contest Plugins to Optimize Your Blog’s Readership

Here are the best WordPress plugins to run a contest on your blog.

#1. Gleam

Gleam is the neatest solution for webmasters and bloggers to run a contest on their site. However, this solution doesn’t come with the plugin and everything required to be done from the Gleam interface.

Its features make this solution the most obvious choice for running a giveaway on your site.

Gleam - Grow Your Business With Contests &Amp; Social Marketing Apps
Gleam – Grow Your Business With Contests &Amp; Social Marketing Apps

Check out Gleam here.

Feature of Gleam

  • Gleam provides you the freedom to run your contest on your terms.
  • It automatically validates successful entries.
  • It allows you just to drag & drop any of their supported actions into your campaign in seconds.
  • They currently support actions from a few of the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and a few more.
  • It provides advanced fraud detection.
  • Every participant gets a unique viral link to share with their friends.
  • Above all, Gleam lets your users know when they have entered plus drive higher conversion rates with smart messaging.
  • In addition to that, it randomly picks winners then show off who won inside the widget.
  • Provide users on mobile devices the best possible experience.

#2. Wishpond Social Promotions

Wishpond Social promotions is a free WordPress plugin with premium packages available for the Wishpond contests platform. This plugin is an all-in-one solution for running contests, sweepstakes, and promotions along with wider marketing services.

There is a 14 days trial available. It comes with a lot of readymade templates for the sweepstakes and contests. It is possible to change the templates or build your own templates.

You can promote the campaigns on your Twitter and Facebook pages.

Using the Wishpond plugin, you will have specially developed entry pages for mobile devices. This plugin is an e-commerce compatible plugin which is available in 35 languages.

Wishpond doesn’t redesign the wheel with its offering. However, they do provide some interesting extra tools like split-testing, and in-depth analytics of contest variations too.

Their premium packages offer some really impressive features; here I have listed a few of them.

Wishpond Social Promotions - Free Wordpress Contest Plugin
Wishpond Social Promotions – Free Wordpress Contest Plugin

Find the Wishpond WordPress plugin for the contest here.

Feature of Wishponds Social Promotions

  • Contestants can use social media sharing buttons to optimize their “votes.”
  • Select single or multiple winners.
  • For your competitions with various templates, it provides a drag & drop page builder.
  • It sent an email and notifies the new leads.
  • Wishpond can send email reminders to contestants, but you need to enable this option.
  • You can run custom competitions like sweepstakes, Instagram has contests, photo contests, caption competitions, essay battles, and more.
  • In addition to that, it provides a fully responsive layout.

#3. WordPress InviteBox

Another WordPress referral plugin on this list is the WordPress InviteBox for viral Refer-a-Friend Promotions does only one thing, but it does it very well that is drives referrals. To use this plugin, you will need an InviteBox account, which is available for a free trial.

Above all, referral programs are always powerful for gaining more users and customers for your blog. Dropbox enjoyed a 60% optimization in their signup after introducing referral programs with rewards.

By using this plugin, you can offer many rewards offer, contest, and giveaways, etc. This WordPress Giveaway plugin allows you to set custom rules for your contests.

Additionally, for the giveaway and sweepstakes, this plugin will automatically monitor the individual’s activities and offer entries according to the pre-fixed parameters.

Wordpress Invitebox - Free Contest Plugin
Wordpress Invitebox – Free Contest Plugin

Check out WordPress InviteBox Plugin here.

Feature of WordPress InviteBox

  • You can set up various types of referral campaigns like;
  • Instant Reward Referral campaigns.
  • Referral Contest campaigns.
  • Goal-Based Referral campaigns.
  • Sweepstakes Referral campaigns.

#4. Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by OpinionStage

Next free WordPress poll plugin on this list is Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker is more socially designed and themed around the opportunity for contestants to optimize their chances of winning through sharing contests with their friends.

Further, this plugin provides a very simple way to include intuitive contests, sweepstakes, polls, quizzes and surveys on your blog.

It provides TinyMCE editor of the contest description field that allows primary HTML tags. This is why you can easily include a few markups to your text to concentrate on the most important points. You can also include a separate disclaimer link.

This free WordPress contest plugin offers options to set contest timeframe at the outset, and controls for keeping tabs on how the contest is performing regarding a number of participants throughout.

Together with attracting traffic to your blog, it also places emphasis on growing your email subscribers list virtually through integrations with Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, and CampaignMonitor.

Poll, Survey, Form &Amp; Quiz Maker By Opinionstage
Poll, Survey, Form &Amp; Quiz Maker By Opinionstage

Download Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker WordPress Plugin from here.

Features of ContestFriend

  • It has sharing features for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. You can even manually change a number of entries rewarded to participants for each of their shares.
  • Leverage a substantial range of customization options for contests: custom media, unique headlines, and multiple layout options are entirely supported.
  • Use the email verification function to ensure the identity of contestants.
  • Email subscribers lists can be exported to an Excel sheet.
  • A number of potential winners can be described in advance.
  • Fully responsive design and a lot of free templates.
  • It allows you to integrate images & videos into the polls, quizzes, and surveys.
  • Above all, its advanced analytics dashboard gives you valuable insights into your campaigns.

#5. RafflePress

The last but not the least by any means, one of the most recommended free WordPress giveaway plugin on this list is RafflePress.

RafflePress enabled you to build a giveaway option on any of the WordPress post and help you to choose a random winner randomly from those who comment. It is a no-frills, primary way of running an easy and quick contest to get started with.

RafflePress is the best alternative to Gleam. This is a very easy-to-use platform to create a giveaway and very simple. Once you have created your account, just choose a template to create your first giveaway similar to Gleam.

This is a very easy-to-use plugin and very simple. Once you have installed and activated it on your WordPress site, a new menu titled ‘RafflePress’ will create under the main menu. If you want to use this plugin you need to visit RafflePress and then click on create new, use pre-made templates or design a new one for you.

Rafflepress - A Freemium Wordpress Giveaway Plugin
Rafflepress – A Freemium Wordpress Giveaway Plugin

Check out the RafflePress WordPress Giveaway plugin here.

Features of RafflePress WordPress Giveaway plugin

  • With it, you can even permit multiple entries.
  • It identifies participants through their emails.
  • Its drag and drop giveaway builder allows you to build a giveaway campaign in minutes.
  • Pre-built giveaway templates are also available for your contest or giveaway.
  • You can create viral giveaways and get the word out quickly with the RafflePress Refer-a-Friend feature.
  • Social Media Integrations help you to grow your following on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more.
  • It automatically rejects contestants who have entered more than once or merge their entries.
  • The 1-click entry makes it easy for users to enter your contest while eliminating fraud entries.
  • RafflePress WordPress Giveaway plugin integrates with many of the best email marketing services and CRM.

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Wrapping Up – WP Contest Plugins Comparisons

So this is a list of a few contest plugins which are compatible with WordPress. You will definitely realize the benefits of running a contest or giveaway because it is a win-win for both you and your audience.

Your audience can get a chance to win some freebies by participating in contests and giveaways you organize on your site. On the other hand, running a contest or giveaway will help you grow your website traffic, email list, and social media followers.

So, do you find these WordPress contest plugins interesting? Are you using any one of them to create polls and surveys?

Or you might have any other recommendation of WordPress Giveaway plugin, feel free to share your thoughts in the on the same, we’ll try to incorporate it in the post.

If you like the article, do share it across social media channels with your friends and keep spreading the good word!

Share your feedback and feel free to ask us by commenting below.

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