7 Proven Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic Instantly

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by Saurabh K

Many bloggers have a question about how to increase blog traffic and get the attention of a new audience. Find the 7 proven strategies to increase blog traffic by 180% instantly.

One of the most interesting and popular platforms upon which individuals may sell their wares offer advice, and many different things are Blog. But what is the point of having a blog if no one is going to read it?

This is the dream of every blogger that they want to increase traffic on their blog, but not everyone has the proven strategies, which plays a vital role to increase the traffic on the blog.

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If you want constant and qualified traffic, but don’t know where to begin, how to start and lot more question in your mind then refer this post, which is going to be your best resource to learn and boost traffic for your blog.

Read it carefully and act on those strategies. You might know some of the strategies, but in this post, I am going to explain them in an entirely unique way.

With this article, you will learn 7 proven strategy to boost your blog traffic immediately.

7 Proven Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic Instantly

  1. Build a high converting lead magnet
  2. Carry out Thunderclap campaign and reach more people
  3. Connect to significant bloggers in your niche
  4. Develop a successful guest blogging campaign
  5. Use content upgrades to boost your conversions
  6. Take advantage of influential bloggers with interviews and expert roundups to learn something different
  7. PPC works best to speed up your success

We have top 7 strategies to increase blog traffic, now let’s dive into it and learn those strategies in detail.

#1. Build a High Converting Lead Magnet

Lead magnet or I can say opt-in bribe is an incentive that you offer to potential buyers in exchange for their contact information such as name, email, phone number, etc.

There are many different names and forms of the lead magnet. Some of the webmasters called the lead magnet with freebies, bribes, content upgrades, signup incentives and more.

Few of famous and most popular forms of the lead magnet are PDF checklist, cheat sheet, guestbook, eBook, guide, video/email mini-course, and 30 minutes consultation.

All of the forms of the lead magnet are super valuable and useful to generate a lead. Select any one from the list start building a list of prospects.

But make sure that when you generate lead magnet, it should fulfill three core things. Like,

  1. It should only attract your target audience,
  2. It should also provide the solution to your target audience problem,
  3. Build enthused fans and long-term customer relationship.

If you are still struggling to understand, how you can generate high converting 5 minutes lead magnet then let me show you the way that surely gone helps you.

# Define Certain Lead Magnet Ideas

When you define lead magnet ideas, make sure that it should be created very easily, and your audience digests your idea in less than in a few seconds.

For instance, you can create an upgraded content, PDF Checklist or Cheat Sheet.

Create a list as many as you can, experiment them one by one. I am sure that you will build great ideas that can provide a solution to your audience and you can create a list of prospects.

# Wipe Out Nice to Have Ideas

When you built one list of lead magnet ideas, I am sure that you also list the ideas of “nice to have” or “must have” ideas. You must wipe out those thoughts.

And you should generate freebie, which provides your target audience a solution to their problem.

Select the three best ideas in which you think you are most knowledgeable and can describe it in detail. Make sure that ideas also digested in less than few seconds by your future audience.

# Run the Survey and Polls to Know the Problem of Your Audience

Your email list is the best way to execute the survey or offer some free Skype call and learn/teach them. Also, you can take advantage of social media.

You can join the group/communities on Facebook and ask questions to your targeted audience.

Social media provides the high power to you, so run the poll in different communities by asking various questions regarding the topics that you want to cover in your lead magnet.

# Create a Magnificent Headline

Headlines are the soul of the lead magnet. You know why? Headlines can make or break your lead magnet.

A lot some time and craft 10 best of your lead magnet headlines and among them choose the top 3 headlines from the list.

If you want to find some fantastic headline which grabs your targeted audience attention, then you can also run a poll in different communities of your social media profile.

For instance, run a poll like,

Hey, folks would you like to help me out to choose a fascinating headline that grabs the most attention of people to take attention.”

Headline 1
Headline 2, and so on.

Thank you.

This is a great way to find sensational headlines idea with most votes.

# Build Lead Magnet Content

It is very important that your content fulfills the promise of the headline. It means, if your content headline is about 5 strategies to make more money with affiliate products, then your content must represent them how they can make more money with affiliate products.

# Convert Content into PDF

Once you create your excellent content, create another format by converting it into a PDF. There are lots of tools to convert your content into PDF such as CanvaBeacon or Google Slides.

With these tools, you can convert your content in a quick manner. Give a try to any of these tools.

# Create Easy Funnel

To create an easy funnel, you will need a landing page, thank you page, download page, and some email marketing software. There is one great CMS that you can use to create the pages, and that is WordPress.

But if you want high converting pages, you will need tools like lead pages or thrive content builder or another suitable tool.

If you want to build a long-term relationship with your potential audience, then you must have to create an engaging funnel which keeps user interacting with every element you have added on funnel pages.

Overall, the lead magnet has superpowers with which you can grab your audience attention. Convert that attention of visitors and into potential audience or customers.

I hope, now you have completely understood why lead magnets are one of the most popular tools to increase blog traffic.

#2. Carry Out Social Media Campaigns to Increase Blog Traffic

Another popular strategy to increase blog traffic is to carry out social media campaigns.

Reaching out to more audience and let them know about your upcoming or existing products or services or a new blog post is a little bit techy and time-consuming.

Over here social media platforms play a vital role with which you can reach to more people and engage with them in real-time and more quickly.

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more can be a powerful instrument to get engaged with more and more people.

Engagement becomes more powerful when people do this in real time. This is where individual influencers come in.

It is a kind of campaign, or you can say crowd-speaking campaign that lets individuals and companies move together to spread a message.

# How to Carry Out Social Media Campaigns with Individual Influencers

You can find such individuals influencers from various influencer marketplaces such as Social Bond, Hivency, inzpire.me etc.

To use these platforms, first of all, you need to do is to create a proposal which you are planning to offer to the individual influencers.

Once you did with this, individual influencers will sign up and agree to promote your content on their channels, social media platforms of your choice.

The advantage of such campaigns is that your lead magnet will be shared by hundreds of your individuals across all the selected social media platforms at the same time.

There are many companies, which have their campaign that went viral on their own. If you have created one, then you should wait for 3-4 weeks to see the result and reach your goal.

If you are a newbie to such a tool, just google some how-to guides and watch some videos, how it all works.

First, go to any site and You will be asked to log in where you can log in with either Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

After logging in this will link to your next page, where you have to enter the details about you (you can always change them later).

At last, you need to confirm and submit the form and your campaign is ready to live where you invite and build a crowd of individual influencers.

Well, building one successful campaign takes lots of time, because you have to contact various individuals and finalize a few based on your criteria.

This is the hard part but yes once it is done, this will give you 10x people reach.

#3. Connect to Significant Bloggers in Your Niche

We all are familiar with this fact “Web is all about connection.” Like it or not, who you know is an important part of increasing your influence and presence online.

Some of the people assume you can succeed online simply by offering great products or great content, but that’s not true. There are many online businesses which are failed just because of this strategy.

In spite of whether you are an online publisher, a service provider or a product-based business, connecting with bloggers in your niche/industry is a significant component of your online marketing strategy.

Reaching out to bloggers in your niche/industry is one of the best ways to help your business to reach the new audience.

This approach also contributes to initiating relationships that have the potential to turn into the long-term business relationship or manually beneficial partnerships.

Reach out to the influential bloggers, and you need to put your content directly in front of the leaders in your niche/industry.

But how you can reach out to the influential bloggers and how you can connect with them?

Well, here I have the solution to your questions. So let’s dive right in and see how you can reach out to influential bloggers!

# Define a List of 10-20 Influential Blogger in Your Niche

To identify a prominent blogger, you need to create a list of bloggers from your niche/industry.

A simple spreadsheet works well here with columns for blogger name, website URL, blog topic, and authority metrics.

Remember that you can also check for some of the important things. Such as their blog should have a sort of engagement in the term of social shares, comments, and make the author replies to those comments or not.

They should be active in an individual community. Check if they accept guest posts on their blog or not.

If you are a beginner, then it is important that you start with mini influencers and then slowly reach to the influencers who are masters.

# Make Them Notice That You Exist

Once you have narrowed your list with 10-20 influential bloggers, it is time to get to know them and let them know who you are.

It might look cyber-stalking, but this is a market research and proven strategy to build a perfect business relationship.

Learn everything about his/her blog and about the blogger to whom you want to connect with. There are some ways to perform this task. Let see that list.

  • Follow them on social media
  • Engage with bloggers’ social media
  • Comment on their blog posts
  • Share their posts
  • Tag them in your social media posts
  • Subscribe to their email list

# Appreciate Their Blog Work with the Complimentary Email

If you want to be more direct, a brief email that tells them that you are enjoying their content will be a great approach.

In fact, you can also create a short and sweet email with ego-boosting emails to build relationships with dozens of influential bloggers in your niche/industry.

The following is an example of what your email should look like:

Subject: I love [BLOG NAME]


Just wanted to say “thanks” for all the helpful and informative stuff you publish at [BLOG NAME].

I enjoy reading every piece of content you share, as i find these interest “CATEGORY 1”, “CATEGORY 2” and “CATEGORY 3” on your blog.

Not only me, but many people from my network enjoys them as well, with the posts I share from your blog.

Keep up the great work and I will keep reading and spreading your awesome blog post on my network.


Expert Tip: Sign up to the influencer’s email list and see if they ask you to reply with a question or something that you are struggling with. Then reply with email.

# Deliver Your Pitch Email to Start Working with Them

Now, you have already built a strong relationship with some of the influential bloggers.

By frequently sharing and commenting on their stuff, and you have probably sent them an appreciation email telling them how much you inspired by their work.

They might have replied to your email if they didn’t there is no need to worry about that, you can again send them the complimentary email.

And if they replied to your email then you can send them your pitch email.

Again define your goals like do you want your content shared? Or want to post a guest post on your blog? Or a valuable backlink to one of your most favorite posts you have created on your blog?

All these are helpful strategies to build a crowd of potential audience.

Make sure that the content you want to be shared/linked has a content upgrade in it.

#4. Develop a Successful Guest Blogging Campaign

In the world of blogging, no one is unfamiliar with the guest blogging campaign.

Now, you have already built a strong relationship with influential bloggers in your niche.

Once you receive the reply from influential bloggers, then you are ready to pitch for a guest posting opportunity on their blogs.

Now, the question arises that “How can I ask for the guest posting on their blog?

Well, I have solved your problem. I have built a structured email which is an example of an email to create a pitch for the guest posting. Let’s quick dive in.

# Quick Email Sample to kickstart your Guest Blogging Campaign

Hey! [Blogger Name],

I was considering some of your other posts and noticed that you published a guest post from [NAME].

It got me thinking: I would love to be your next guest author!

Here are a few topics that I think, [BLOG] readers would get a ton of value from:


To give you an idea about the quality that I bring, here are a few posts that I have recently published on my blog.

1st URL
2nd URL
3rd URL

Let me know what you think.


This is how you can represent your pitch to your influential bloggers and ask for the opportunity to grab the attention of those blog audience to you.

If you receive a reply from influential blogger then this great and if not then don’t get discouraged and follow our old foretold “Try and try but don’t cry.

Yes, you can try again and again surely you will get a reply from them.

Be sure that you also set your goals for your guest blogging efforts. Such as what is the primary purpose behind the guest blogging efforts?

  • Is guest blog post representing yourself as an authority and will build credibility as a well-known name in your industry.
  • It must be able to drive traffic to your blog.
  • Backlink to your blog.

#5. Use Content Upgrades to Boost Your Conversions

Nowadays, the use of content upgrade is the new hot trend among the bloggers which not only grows their email list but also help them to drive significant traffic to their blogs.

A content upgrade is simply a bonus content that people can get access to in exchange for their email address.

To reach out to the potential audience and make your guest post most very efficient, you can optimize them with content upgrades.

This works awesome for guest posting and outreaching to generate more traffic. But before offering content upgrade you should check if the blog that you are going to pitch has supported a content upgrade or not.

So now the game starts, what are you going to offer people as in content update? Well, this matters a lot that what you are offering to people will worth to them or not.

For instance, you can create your post like “7 ways to boost your email list”. You can also offer this post in PDF form or audio format in the exchange to their contact information like Email address.

If you are wondering how can you create one by yourself? Follow the below steps.

# Craft a List of Resources

You can offer anything related to your post. Like,

  • A set of bonus tips
  • A free product guide, this works best for e-commerce sites
  • An interview with an expert from your niche
  • A downloadable PDF version of hacks or tutorials
  • A video tutorial that dives deeper into one section from your post
  • A visual guide to your posts likes map or infographic

There are endless possibilities which you can offer to your readers.

# Craft the Content Upgrade

You have a list of resources, and now it’s time to pick one from them and create one content upgrade.

Make sure that you don’t need to waste too much time building a fancy one content upgrade. Make it simple.

If you find that it is out of your reach, then there is one source available that is Fiverr from where you can hire someone who can help you out with it.

If you want to create content upgrade by yourself, and thinking PDF format is best then you should try the Canva tool.

As I have explained earlier, this is the great and easiest tool, I have reviewed and found to create attractive content.

# Include It to Your Guest Post or Blog Post

Once you are done with creating a content upgrade, now it’s time to include your content upgrade into your posts.

For that, you’ll need tools like Thrive Leads or Optinmonster with these tools you can add your content upgrade in your blog post or guest post.

Other than this you can use an email campaign to deliver your content upgrade.

#6. Take Advantage of Influential Bloggers to increase blog traffic

An expert roundup always results in the quality piece of content. The idea behind an expert roundup is to leverage the influence of the experts.

In simple words, roundup is a blog post or an article that shares links to other blog posts and blogs based around a particular subject.

For an instance, you have created one post on an interview about “30 tips from influential bloggers on how to start a blog right away”, and you pitch some of the influential bloggers on your hit list.

Tell them that you have created one post on the expert roundup, and ask them to share on their social media profiles or pages and ask if they are interested in publishing this post on their blog.

Most of them will love to share and publish that post. But in many cases, some of the bloggers say “no” to you then don’t let yourself down or quit until you get an answer in positive. Learning is important.

# Learn How you can Quickly Publish your First Expert Roundup

  • Create one list of questions, be sure that you find the right question for the interview.
  • Start the interview with the bloggers who are on your hit list and put together the content.
  • After interviewing, craft the post and ask the bloggers that you have built a relationship with to publish your content on their blog.
  • Ask the participated bloggers to share the post with their audience, add that post in their email campaigns, and also on the social media platform.
  • Try to add a couple of best answers into your guest blog on other blogs and encourage readers to find more answers from other experts by sharing the link to the original article in a guest blog.
  • Don’t forget to optimize your expert roundup with the content upgrade.
  • Again, you have to be patient because it is not that easy to put together the expert roundup. This takes time and needs lots of efforts too.

Publishing an expert roundup in the form of content have some significant advantages.

Such as drive ton of traffic, optimize your authority and credibility and help you to build a relationship with influential bloggers.

#7. PPC Works Best to Speed Up Your Success

If you want to accelerate your success and reach out to more targeted people, then you should include this strategy in a marketing plan to increase blog traffic.

This strategy costs money too, but it is worth. Make sure that you know what are you doing otherwise it will cost you a lot, and there will be less or no return on your investment.

Without bothering with the hard work but still, you want to accelerate your success, then create the lead magnet, put up some ads, start collecting lead and grow your audience.

All I want to say is that first get organic traffic on your blog and then jump to this step. So once you have organic traffic on your blog, start re-marketing with your ads.

Let’s have a look at the example.

A person visits your blog and doesn’t sign up for any lead magnet that you offered to him or her. At this point, re-target with Facebook ads will work best, and you can provide them something of their interest.

The reason behind using Facebook ads is that these are very cheaper and likely to convert better.

# How Facebook Re-Targeted Ads Work?

A powerful mechanism by Facebook named “Facebook Pixel” create the magical moments to re-target your audience.

All you need to do is to create a pixel code from Facebook Ad Management or Facebook Business Manager. Follow below instruction to create a pixel code.

Visit Facebook Ads Manager by clicking here, then in the top navigation, tap on Click pixels.

Now, Click on the green button that indicates Create a Pixel.

Once you did this, you will be presented with the popup form where you need to add your pixel name.

Make sure that you choose the name of the pixel that represents your business/blog because there is only one pixel per ad account.

Read and agree to the Facebook Pixels Terms and hit the Create Pixel button. This will show you another popup menu from where you can view and copy the code to install on your site.

You can also email the installation instructions to the developer directly from Facebook.

Copy and install that few lines of Pixel code into the header part of the selected web pages or in the whole website to track the visitors and build the re-targeting list.

You can also customize the tracking regarding the behavior of users for a particular action he/she make or react on a particular element of a web page.

Those tracking customizations can be done from the dashboard of Facebook Ad or Facebook Business Manager itself from where you have built the pixel code.

Now create ads for an audience who left your blog without reacting or attracting to the lead magnet. Make sure you select pixel audience as a targeted audience of the Facebook Ads.


One final word, consistency is the key to success.

All of these traffic strategies are proven, and you will eventually get new visitors to your blog, increase your email subscribers, boost your conversion rate and build a sustainable business.

This is it!

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I have explained the top 7 proven strategies to increase blog traffic.

If you think something is missing, or you have a question related to these strategies, then write back to me by commenting below.

I will reply to you and will share my words with you.

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