How to Build Personal Brand on LinkedIn That Gets Results

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by Saurabh K

Nowadays, LinkedIn is one of the top-performing professional networks available for the general public. It is quite crowded and hard to create an influential brand due to market competitiveness. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can build a personal brand on LinkedIn effectively.

Many of you have used social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other media channels to build your personal brand. But did you ever imagine that you can also build your personal brand using LinkedIn?

This is true you can build your personal brand using this professional network LinkedIn. This career-oriented platform has quickly transformed into a rich, customizable and multi-faceted personal branding platform.

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Many of the business owners use this platform to explore better jobs, make connections for networking and manage their brand throughout the longevity of their career.

So if you also want to use this platform to build your personal brand then here I have explained five ways that will help you to build your personal brand through this platform. So let’s take a look at these five ways.

How to Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

#1. Strengthen Your Profile on LinkedIn

To build your personal brand, your LinkedIn profile is the essential aspect that you should start working on.

Your primary goal should be to get your LinkedIn profile to All-Star status because it indicates that you are actively contributing to the platform.

So if you want to increase your chances to appear in searches then here are some of the tips that’ll help you the pop your LinkedIn profile.

Profile Picture

This might seem totally obvious, but in the place of the LinkedIn profile picture, there should be a photo of you. So it is important that you pick a picture that shows your professionalism as per your niche.

Make sure that you choose a good quality profile picture, which should not be more than 10 MB in size.

Profile Headline

As like your profile picture your profile headline plays an important role. It is one of an essential piece of text on your LinkedIn profile.

The profile headlines contain your current designation by default, however, you can mention your skills, your role, etc.

So try to be more inventive than just listing your job title. Because the headline isn’t just described your profile but it could be treated as your brand’s tagline.

Strengthen And Update Your Linkedin Profile
Strengthen And Update Your Linkedin Profile

LinkedIn Profile Background

LinkedIn also provides a great feature as the profile background image.

I recommend you to add a creative LinkedIn Profile background photo to showcase your product, portfolio, skills, recognitions, what you have to offer. 

Custom URL

It is very important that your LinkedIn URL should appear with your full name as like “” just like Neil Patel have

Because your personal branding is all about attaches everything on the web with your complete name. If your LinkedIn URL does not contain your full name, then you might miss opportunities to have your profile rank higher in the search engine.

Customize your LinkedIn URL and share it everywhere, it’ll make easy for those people who want to reach you. I also recommend you to use your LinkedIn profile link on other social networks, SlideShare, Your blog, Email or another stream that you have.

Profile Summary

Finally the profile summary, with this you can write everything about you, like what you do, what your company does, your work experience and other professional things.

With the help of your profile summary, you can easily tell your story to your audience. But you must write it short because you have a maximum of 2,000 characters to play around with your summary.

It is important that you try to make your summary as interesting as possible. It would be a good idea to add your personal interests that you pursue in leisure time. 


It is quite important that should include all kind of job titles with a brief explanation under the Experience section.

If you want, you can also add the details of your educational qualification, add images, videos, documents or presentations to the experience section that you have created can make your profile stand out among the rest.


You should tone your entire LinkedIn profile with keywords you would like to be targeted for because these keywords will help you create an SEO optimized profile.

You should also add some keywords in your headline, experience, and profile background, this will help you to get a higher rank in searches.

#2. Develop Your Connection on LinkedIn

Now, you have a compelling and perfectly optimized profile, it is time to start developing your connection.

LinkedIn is all about your professional network graph. This platform is ideal for building a connection with brands you want to associate with. It improves your global connections and also makes your connection fruitful and valuable.

The platform gives, even more, information about the people you have met before or already knew.

Follow The Influencers On Linkedin
Follow The Influencers On Linkedin

LinkedIn also allows you to import contacts from Windows Live, Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo. Also, you can search for your college, workplace, industry leaders and other professionals.

So you can build your network as well as your personal brand too. If you wanted to connect with people out of your network, send a personalized why you’d like to connect with them so that the person probably accepts your request. This is how you can build your network.

#3. Post Content on LinkedIn

Do you know that every day, American learns about new information and facts every day from about seven different sources?  Entrepreneur reported that Millennials in the USA consume media for 18 hours per day.

Today, LinkedIn has become one of the best professional publishing platforms around the globe. There is a calculation that proves that over 1 million people have published more than 3 million posts on LinkedIn. Regarding Millennials, they depict nearly 30% of all long-form publishers on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn allows you to publish content to present thought leadership. This is the way you can show the world; what you are capable of? and what you care about?

Eventually, you’ll notice that your profile views are increasing after you started publishing your content on LinkedIn.

Publish Content On Linkedin
Publish Content On Linkedin

An easy way to connect and reach with your audience is to publish long-form content on LinkedIn, which will also build a personal brand. So try to publish more long-form content because this will help you to build and strengthen your brand and profile.

#4. Personalize Your LinkedIn Feed

It is true that millennial leaders are different in many ways, but the common thing among them is they are eager to learn. As like them, you can also learn through LinkedIn and increase your knowledge and credibility.

It is very important that you customize a personalized feed that helps you keep track. Let see the steps that’ll help you to find a useful resource.

  • Step #1. Click on the Profile Photo menu on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Step #2. This will show you some options, click the “Post & Activity” option under Manage row.
  • Step #3. Now go to the Followers tab and Select “Follow Fresh Perspectives”.
  • Step #4. Once you click on that option, it’ll show you some options to select from.

To keep reported and updated you can follow the #hashtage, influencers, brands, news, and media publication, etc.

Let see how you can unfollow LinkedIn connections updates while stay connected with them.

To do this, first from your connection find the update that you don’t need in your feed. Now, click on the control menu and select the second option Unfollow (with connection name).

LinkedIn is a platform that adapts quickly, so it is essential that you use it wisely. Because there are a number of factors that determine what will show up in your feed and what will not.

To be updated, follow LinkedIn influencers from top industry leaders. Also, download the LinkedIn mobile app because it is the best way that you can keep yourself updated.

#5. Signup on LinkedIn SlideShare

Do you know that each month about a half-million fresh content is added to SlideShare? LinkedIn SlideShare now becomes the world’s largest and most popular content-sharing platform for professionals.

LinkedIn SlideShare has millions of unique visitors and about 9 million users dropped by SlideShare on an average day. Google also indexes all the presentations published on LinkedIn SlideShare and which results in about 80% organic traffic to SlideShare.

Build A Linkedin Slideshare Account
Build A Linkedin Slideshare Account

So there is an advantage of creating a presentation because it provides your brand with an SEO advantage.

I recommend you to build your brand authority on LinkedIn SlideShare by sharing creative ideas and data-driven research about your niche. Also, It would be an added advantage if you also publish your reports, presentations, audiovisuals in that you’re featured and of course the content that you designed.

Highlights your valuable content by using the clipping tool in presentations on SlideShare. Increase the authority of your personal brand by adding presentations to your LinkedIn profile.


LinkedIn is today’s top-performing professional network which helped many of the entrepreneurs became social professionals. It is a great network to get engage, interact with others who you want and can swap ideas with.

The significant advantage of using the LinkedIn platform is to build and boost your personal brand. At the same time, it also provides industry related news like publishing trends, profit and sale strategies, educational and capacity building ideas for your team, and of course, you can use LinkedIn as your blog to publish professional content.

So those are the ways which can help you to build your personal brand on LinkedIn. So what are you waiting for? If you have still not created a profile on LinkedIn then start building it now and use it for your personal brand build-up. Use those above tips and it will surely help you to boost your brand.

Do you follow any other strategy to build your personal brand on LinkedIn, do share those tips in the comment section below; I look forward to having a conversation with you.

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