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by Saurabh K

Looking for legitimate ways to promote your eBook online? Well, this article is just for you, it will help you find out the ways with which you can promote your eBook efficiently.

eBooks are one of the tried and tested method of getting your word out about your expertise and creating a nice flow of income as well.

However, a huge obstacle for many eBook authors is finding a great way to get the word out and promote their fabulous eBook.

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But nowadays producing eBooks has never been easier, but still promoting them has never been more challenging. There is a lot of noise in both online and offline media about eBooks and trying to get attention in such a situation is challenging for sure.

Publishing an eBook is a dream come true for every author. If you have finally finished your eBook, please take some time to celebrate. Just note that there is more work to do!

To get your eBook in front of readers as many as possible. You will require some patience, a plan, and a few creative ideas. Here are 10 proven ways to promote an eBook online. Let’s get started:

Top 10 Ways to Promote eBook Online

The following proven ways will definitely help you to promote an eBook online effectively.

#1. Promote Yourself as An Author

One of the most efficient ways to promote your eBook online is by promoting yourself as an Author.

There are certain ways that you can utilize to accomplish this. But most of them include being proactive.

For example, you can begin by submitting quality posts to various media websites, article directories and proceed to build some guest appearances on relevant blogs using guest blogging.

#2. Reviews are Essential

Feedbacks from your readers play a huge role in building and making you realize how valuable and exciting your work is, instead of offering it.

For example, to gain such feedback, you must gather reviews by encouraging them to submit reviews. For this, you can even explore some websites or services which are specialized and exclusive in eBook reviews.

Collect these reviews and publish them on your blog or site as long as they portray your eBook’s content positively.

#3. Promote your eBook

Promoting your eBook is one of the most essential and powerful steps that you can take.

This means that, before the genuine writing of the eBook starts, you should begin building a network of reviewers and supporters.

Make sure that you keep track of anyone who demonstrates the real enthusiasm for your eBook project.

So try to keep in touch with such people by sending direct emails or through social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and many other channels.

#4. Build a Blog

The most ideal and great way of promoting ideas, opinions, products, and eBooks is a blog.

For example, the majority of the blog on the internet is designed to be search engine friendly; which can be helpful for you to reach out and deliver to more potential readers.

Blogging platform offers a variety of chances to promote your eBook online by testing your target audience with post reviews or excerpts.

#5. Generate Valuable Content through your eBook

Generating useful content for your audience is the best approach. This can make it easier for you to market your eBook.

Many people prefer to read an eBook that offers valuable content, this is why your eBook should be content-rich if it does not then keep working on it until it is.

#6. Build a Site

This is one of the great ideas for you if you are coming up with an eBook without a full website in place.

So I recommend you to build a site that adds a dedicated blog for your eBook where you can post updates, correction, and response to the reader’s query/comment.

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Also, add eBook’s sample chapters and a link for your potential readers to buy your eBook.

Ultimately, the more content you publish on your site, the better it would be for you to gain readers for your eBook and also search engines such as Google favor content-rich sites.

#7. Build an eBook Pitch

You should build and eBook pitch in which you include at least 3 sales pitches for your eBook like 10 seconds, 20 seconds and 60 seconds.

In such case, if someone asks what your eBook is all about, then offer him/her the 10 seconds pitch and if s/he responds you back with interest, then have a pitch which is relatively longer ready.

#8. Start an Affiliate Program

Promoting your eBook through an affiliate program will help you generate exposure as well as generate sales for your published work. Overall this is the best way to expose your eBook to that audience which is new to you.

Target your program at content publishers in your niche. If you want the best result, then you should share generous commissions with your affiliates, and you can still reach to healthy profits.

#9. Socialize

If you don’t have the ideal of the positive effect of social media can have on your content, then you probably have been living under a boulder for many years.

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Promoting your eBook through social media channels doesn’t mean just sending out the link to the download page, this is far more than that.

Social media gives you multiple chances to let the people know that you have built an eBook and how this will benefit them and their personal connections. It is the best way to reach the masses and best of all, it is still free.

#10. Contribute to Web Forums/ Social Media Groups

This is quite obvious that almost every field had at least one or more quality online forums where interested people share new ideas.

Find forums or Social Media Groups on Facebook that are relevant to your eBook and join them, contribute to these forums/groups freely by providing advice and reaching out to help others.

Make sure that you post a link to your site or blog in any forum so that people can reach you easily.


When you complete crafting your eBook and ready to publish it, don’t think that your work is over.

You should utilize these different ways will make sure that you get a strong conversion rate and a positive ROI on the time and effort you exerted in the process.

This is now time to realize the potential of your eBook and the broad audience you can gain as leads with these useful promotional strategies.

I hope you found this article insightful. Let me know about your experience regarding the promotion of an eBook.

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