12+ Best Strategies To Increase Twitter Engagement [2020 Edition]

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by Saurabh K

How to boost Twitter engagement? Let dig deep into the same and learn the proven ways and the best strategies to increase Twitter engagement.

Reader engagement is the soul of a successful Twitter campaign.

Getting your followers to not only read, but click through, and retweet your updates creates a sense of community. This also helps spread your messages far and wide of course.

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Another thing, that is having people interacting with your Twitter campaign raises the likelihood of more eyeballs on your content. Which brings you more opportunity to discover the valuable data about what they think about your content.

It also means that your followers are spending more time on your content that is uploaded on your Twitter campaign.

If you think and you want to boost the engagement of your Twitter campaign then here is the list of the most effective and best strategies to increase Twitter engagement, reach and fan following.

The Best Strategies To Increase Twitter Engagement

The following points to increase twitter engagement are based on the data-driven research conducted by various industry experts. However, I have summarized those findings along with my personal experience to share with you a better perspective and actionable approach.

#1. Images Receive 150% More Retweets

People respond to graphics very fast. Adding pictures to your Twitter feed captures people’s attention and earns your posts a second look. However, not every picture uploads are equal.

If you really want to allow people to interact along with your posts and click on your content, adding an image in your tweet is one of the better ideas to get noticed.

According to Buffer, Tweets with images on Twitter increases retweets by 150%. Content with a large image on Twitter is more visually attractive than a text-only post. In fact, there is one study that shows, users involved at a rate of 5X when an image ended up being included.

If you add an image in almost every post, you can get 35% lot more retweets. But make sure that your vision is straight about the content it is attached to.

#2. Show Individuality With Memes and GIFs

Besides adding images to the tweet, you should use memes and GIFs when posting your content on Twitter. These types of things add spin to your ordinary post.

According to one study, it is concluded that over 40% of websites use GIFs. And according to HeyOrca, GIFs are a great source to display your brand’s personality and to stay trendy.

Show Individuality With Memes And Gifs
Show Individuality With Memes And Gifs

Adding GIF in Tweets in no hassle any more. Just because in the tweet box you can easily find GIF from the drop-down menu. The only thing you need to do is, search and choose the proper GIF. There are many big companies who use the memes and GIFs to showcase their brand.

You can use a real-life picture that gives the personal feel and more than that provides the true inside look of your brand. You can use GIFs to advertise and activities. But make sure that you use the correct size for memes and GIFs and don’t forget to add a witty caption.

#3. Attain Larger Readers By Hosting Own Twitter Chats

Reaching more people with your content will help raise awareness about your Twitter presence and expose your brand to more potential new followers. Host your own Twitter chat of your brand. This will help in reaching out to new people.

There are been key components are generated by Buffer that you need to keep in your mind before hosting your own Twitter chat.

Such as determining an obvious and brief hashtag that represents your brand. Choose a day and time you could regularly hold Twitter chats and come up with proper topics and concerns. This will help you include a guest participant even influencer from your Twitter community.

If you think that holding a Twitter chat is right for your brand, make sure you arrange and advertise your chat via Twitter and a few more popular social media channels properly. Choosing a topic that is relevant to your audience is the basic rule to host your own Twitter chat.

Once you build your own Twitter chat, make sure before begin chat you ask everyone for their introduction. Such as who they are and where they are tweeting from. Then you are ready to ask the questions. To remain in the loop reply to as many possible tweets happened in your Tweet chat.

#4. Polls Work Best To Interact With Followers

People are often happy to give their opinion and this is especially valid on social media systems. This is where the idea of Twitter polls comes in fourth.

Polls are the best way to engage your followers and acquire important information regarding your customer base. To build brand trust among your followers and optimize the identity and reputation of your brand, you can generate a Twitter poll. To do this follow the below steps:

# Step-1: Go to your Twitter web page and tap on the Tweet button inside the top navigation club, not just press “N” on your keyboard to open up a tweet box.

# Step-2: Tap on Combine Poll icon located in the base kept the place. Then type your poll question to the primary compose box.

# Step-3: Insert your first poll choice to the Preference 1 box, followed closely by the second poll choice to the Preference 2 box.

# Step-4: Click on “+ Add a choice” to add more options to your poll. You are able to have four choices per poll.

A poll instantly defaults to perform for 1 day. But you can change it by simply clicking on 1 day and adjust the times, hours and mins. The minimum length of time for a poll is five minutes and the maximum is 7 days.

Tap on Tweet to post the poll.

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There are certain things that you should note before generating Twitter polls. Such as keeping your poll concerns brief and nice, make inquiries about your solutions, products, and brand in general. And last store a list of prospective Twitter poll concerns and post a new poll weekly for persistence.

#5. Use Standalone Graphics To Talk About Information

Nowadays standalone graphics are an important part of social media. A standalone graphic is actually an image that provides people good use unique information without requiring a link back once again to something.

The study shows that posting a standalone graphic with a unique quote increases retweets by 19%.

Thus, use a graphic with text that provides quick information to your followers. Despite putting paragraphs pick some tiny items of information from your blog or business website and put that in your standalone graphic.

There are some tools are available in the market to generate Standalone graphics such as Canva and you can also refer this list to generate graphics.

#6. Market Your Brand By Joining Twitter Chats

Twitter is a real-time platform, it offers engagement opportunities that other social networks don’t. For example, participating in a live Twitter chat with a large audience.

Twitter chats can generate lots of conversation and visibility for your Twitter campaign, which can help attract new followers. Using a shared hashtag that is relevant to your brand, users meet at a predetermined time to talk about industry or trend.

These chat can also help to generate valuable feedback for your brand and build stronger connections with your followers that will increase Twitter engagement with your followers.

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The main aim behind joining Twitter chats is to gain interest in your brand of those Twitter users who are not part of your follower base yet.

But there are some basic rules that you need to take care of. Such as the search for a leading brand in your industry and reach out to them, this will help to expand your network.

Ensure that you choose Twitter chat that is appropriate and advantageous to take part in for your followers and other Twitter users too. There is been a study that concludes that 67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy service from the brand they follow on Twitter.

#7. Pins Tweets To Improve Your Best Content

Have you got incredible Tweets you would like your followers to see? You are able to pin tweets to your profile that remain on the top of your Twitter profile until you eliminated the pin.

But you need to pin your tweets that have eye-catching images. This will help you boost retweets by 35%. The best thing is that if you pin a tweet with URL you can get up to 86% more involvement.

#8. Curate Content To Optimize Traffic

Are you only tweeting content that is yours or you also share others’ tweets on your Twitter profile?

Re-Tweeting others’ tweets among your audience are the best way to show your interests to the audience. This also means that you are appreciating others’ work. There is one report generated that 82% of entrepreneurs curate content.

To curate content you only need to do is finding the best content from the niche you are targeting. You can also relate to influencers because you are going to the revealing content of the thought leaders in your industry. Also, arrange your curated content in advance for persistence to increase Twitter engagement.

#9. Hashtags Are Your Friends

Hashtags are an essential part of Twitter usage.

The hashtags not only offer the benefits by helping the relevant audience to find you with the help of industries popular Hashtags but also they help to double up your Twitter profile engagement.

Tweets with hashtags are 33% more likely to get retweeted than those without them. This makes sense, considering the additional eyes you may get, as well as hashtags, fit into the culture of Twitter usage.

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A good hashtag is memorable, special and relevant to your content. Try not to make use of over two hashtags per post in order to avoid becoming irritating.

#10. Use Movies In Tweets For 28% Boost

Images can get more attention than text, videos continue the trend and can outperform images. The Twitter video allows you to either record a new video from your smartphone or uploads an existing video from your PC or smartphone. The time limit of Twitter Video is 140 seconds.

There is been a study that shows that 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter. These studies also have shown that native video on Twitter tends to drive significantly more engagement than those from third party people.

Video can be a great way to break new stories, offer a behind-the-scenes look, evoke emotion, and give extra life to your posts on Twitter to increase engagement.

Also, you can get 10 moments to conquer your followers and 20% of one’s watchers will click away from a video clip in 10 moments or fewer. Through video, you can improve and educate your followers about your brand utilizing too. Thus videos are dynamic, and it only makes sense they can drastically increase engagement.

#11. Use Twitter Ads For Higher Click-through Prices

When you are looking for the best engagement quickly, Twitter ads can be a good way to do so, especially when you don’t have lots of followers or followers that frequently engage with your content.

To set up Twitter Ads, select from presented tweets and presented records. According to Hubspot, promoting tweets enables your tweets to appear in users’ Twitter channels. Then choose your potential audience and make your tweets.

Twitter Ads do cost money, but they can still help increase engagement when you need it. Though Twitter Ads can be on the more expensive side. There is been a study that Twitter’s click-through rates are actually superior. Particularly when you want to drive traffic offsite, this makes Twitter Ads a good solution.

But pick Twitter Ad promotion that suits your brand’s goals. Also, use interest targeting and keywords that focus on a suitable audience.

#12. Use Twitter Cards To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Typically when you are posting on Twitter, you will have a limit of 140 characters to tweet. And it can be tough to fit everything in a single tweet. That’s where Twitter Cards come in.

According to Forbes, they add visual interest to images, item tips, video clips, alongside broadened content. All you need to do is to get started doing utilizing the feature is include a couple lines of code to your web site.

Twitter cards offer an opportunity to add more content to your tweet, whether that is a summary card, photo card, product card, or any of their other options.

It will not only make your tweet larger but also gain more attention to it and makes your tweet more dynamic and rich that will eventually increase Twitter engagement.

The few things you need to take care of is to test several types of cards, engage with influencers and add some lines of HTML code to the web page and you are ready to improve your involvement.

#13. Increase Preferences At 57% Through Emoticons

Despite using an ordinary block of text, consider separating the written text with an emoticon.

Emoticons reveal a certain section of playfulness that offers your brand with a bit of personality. There has been one report conducted that shows that Emoticons increase the preference of your post up to 57%.

Ensure that you use 1-2 emoticons per tweet to increase your Twitter engagement, and also use emoticons when responding to your followers. You can also stress several parts of your tweet with a correlating to intensify involvement.

#14. Effective Tweet Scheduling

Knowing when your followers are online, and scheduling important tweets around their social media patterns is another proven strategy to increase Twitter engagement.

You should effectively schedule your tweets to take advantage and that will put you in touch with the largest possible audience every time you send through an update.

After doing a bit of analysis we can judge how to make every tweet get more involvement. Below is the best time to post on Twitter.

  • Wednesdays at 12 PM and 5-6 PM
  • Mondays-Fridays at 12-3 PM and 5 PM
  • Any other day of the few days from 2-3 AM, 6-7 AM and 9-10 PM.

You can follow these time schedules to increase engagement.

This is it!

I hope you find the above list of strategies to increase Twitter engagement useful? Do you have any other research-based recommendations to boost Twitter engagement? If yes, share the same in the comments below.

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