7 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Consider To Increase Traffic 2020

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Nowadays, the landscape of internet marketing has been changed at a greater level compared to the year 2018. In order to bring the traffic to your business, it’s very essential to walk along with the digital marketing trends.

Presently, if you fail to impress customers, directly it indicates that you are disturbing your entire marketing scenario.

As we all know, to run an online business is a little critical especially, with ever-growing digital marketing concepts.

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Marketers should aware of changes that help their business to stay in the list of world-class businesses.

This will assist them to develop their organization, improves leads and refine their business relationship with new or established customers.

Digital Marketing Trends You Should Consider To Increase Traffic

Here is a list of 7 digital marketing trends that you should take under your consideration.

#1. Next-Generation SEO

According to the latest updates, Google is following the strategy of ranking the fast loading websites over slow loading websites.

With this marketing trend, 21% of small scale businesses are working on to improve their websites.

There are some parameters a business should follow to optimize search results.

  • Create a web page by taking users in mind instead of a search engine.
  • Collaborate different media on a web page.
  • Apply schema markup
  • Concentrate on video
  • More appealing content

#2. Advanced Email Marketing

Over time, email marketing is getting advance. The marketers are becoming smart on their decision and they analyze well to whom they should target by forwarding the service-related email.

For example, if you are running a finance business, your motive would be delivering a mail that consists of Financial Advisor Marketing Services.

You should add effective schemes that force customers to read your email and response if they want to inquire further on that concern.

But it is substantial to filter out the right audience and identify their behavior before sending any mail. After determining all the data and tools, marketers will be able to hit the specific zone.

Never try to send the mails in excess to a particular customer. By doing this, you can lose the user’s interest in your business.

#3. Live Videos

The social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are contributing to your business by offering you the privilege of live videos.

In fact, the live presentation is the fastest growing trend and it is the best way to bring heavy traffic to the website.

With live streaming services, business owners getting profit on their products and services.

Audiences love to listen to live announcements, concerts, and other stuff because they consider these videos are real and without any filter.

The live video concept is concluded as the finest way to market your products and services.

#4. Speech recognition

Are you a little confused about how digital marketing is connecting with the speech recognition feature?

Siri, Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod are efficient ways to interact with customers through smart devices. Additionally, as per record, 65% of people are saying they don’t want to go back in life, where there was no voice-controlled assistant.

More and more advertisement is feasible on social media by posting voice or audio content. Are you thinking it’s interesting?

Speech recognition is an alluring way to engage maximum customers on a website. By speaking you can explore the products, business, and other required services.

#5. Chatbots

You will glad to know that in this year, chatbots will going to be the most imperative part of digital marketing.

The chatbots are communicating with a human in a natural style. The text is delivered between the user and AI-based chatbots and sometimes, verbal communication is also possible.

Nowadays, chatbots are used by tons of users on Facebook to perform different tasks.

This software is very trustworthy as it accomplishes the task in a sophisticated manner whether it is for automatic customer support service or providing any relevant link.

The survey report declares, 65% of users are preferring chatbot to inquire about the service of the business. And according to predictions, it’s going to be 85% in 2020.

#6. Video Post

Source says, 75% of Americans are engaged with YouTube to explore the videos pertinent to their demand.

Apart from this, another important point is maximum videos are being searched on youtube which are linked with digital marketing.

YouTube is the more popular platform to watch or upload videos but this doesn’t mean you ignore to post videos on other social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Through videos, the idea behind product and services is more elaborated, sometimes, which is difficult to understand via written content.

In the case of digital marketing, promotion is important and for that, video plays a crucial role to attract users.

#7. Quality Content Still in Demand

Adding a new video post doesn’t minimize the demand for quality content. Content marketing is still an important factor in digital marketing.

Meanwhile, it is very essential to post supreme quality content to impress the customer.

Try to use short plus effective words instead of making long paragraphs. Moreover, maintain the consistency in your content by adding images and videos related to the subject.

Maximum business owners add content that promotes their business strategy, it’s better to write general text not promotional.

Additionally, hire a professional content writer to target a specific market and audience with your website content.

Final thoughts

Undoubtedly, the above-mentioned features and new digital marketing trends will help you to dominate the market.

Whether the year is half passed but still you can win the game by polishing your skills.

The future is unpredictable but with a powerful plan and by following the trend you can divert the future in your favor.

I hope you find the tips to increase the traffic of your website aligned with the contemporary digital marketing trends useful.

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