Every Blogger Makes these 5 Common Blogging Mistakes

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by Saurabh K

Thousands of newbie bloggers make silly mistakes in blogging, which create roadblocks to achieving success. Find popular blogging mistakes that every newbie blogger makes.

Out there in the world, there are over thousands of newbie who make silly blogging mistakes those could ruin their chances of becoming a successful blogger.

It is essential to learn and overcome all the silly blogging mistakes to build a successful blog.

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Blogging is indeed a fantastic way to build a reputation in a particular field. It is also the way to connect with new readers and hold the old readers are coming back for more.

So to grow your readers/followers through blogging, you should avoid making silly mistakes.

There are so many blogging mistakes to avoid, but I would like to highlight the 5 common mistakes that newbie bloggers make.

5 Common Blogging Mistakes of Newbie Blogger

Blogging Mistakes
Blogging Mistakes

#1. Crappy Design

If you failed to come up with an excellent visual presentation of your blog at the start, then your number of readers would be affected.

It is said that you get only once chance to make a first impression. And here the meaning of the first impression is to have the beautiful layout and excellent functions on your blog.

So, you should take care of few things which are listed below:

  • You should choose a readable font,
  • You should choose a good looking theme for your blog,
  • Ad Placement on your blog should not be annoying.

Attractive design is a vital part of your blog. I recommend you not to choose the design which contains a dark background with light fonts.

Right Use Of Sidebar In Blogging
Right Use Of Sidebar In Blogging

The visualization of such design can discourage your readers not to visit your blog again.

#2. Amount of Sidebar Clutters

One of the biggest blogging mistakes that newbie make is having so many sidebars clusters on their blog.

The major drawback of having sidebar groups on your blog makes your blog look sloppy.

Even if you have compelling content on your blog, readers won’t love to read it, just because of the sloppy look of your blog.

So if you have a significant amount of sidebar clusters then clean up them all and make your blog look appealing.

#3. Random Plagiarism

Blogging is something that is being original and creative. But many times newbies bluntly copy-paste other’s work on their blog.

In general, plagiarism is something that you represent someone else’s work as your own which is unauthorized.

It could be a blog post, an image, a personal photo or anything.

So make sure that you avoid doing plagiarism otherwise you won’t be able to build your reputation and even your brand too.

Check Content For Duplication In Blogging
Check Content For Duplication In Blogging

#4. Auto-play Music/Video

The option of auto-play music/video can affect your blog badly just because it makes your blog load slowly.

Other than this, there are also a few more cons of it like, playing music automatically when landing on a page may affect a screen reader user’s ability to find the mechanism to stop it.

Just because they navigate by listening and automatically started sound might interfere with that navigation. Also few times the readers may distract by blinking of content on your blog.

This can make difficult for them to concentrate on other parts of your blog page.

So it is better not to add auto-play music option on your blog because this can discourage your readers to visit your blog in the future.

#5. Using Click Here Instead Using Keyword for Links

The most important factor is to use keyword phrases to insert a link in your posts.

Because it helps to engage the audience, increase conversion, offers insights into marketing trends and higher organic search ranking of course.

So help your blog with linking your posts or contents with using keyword phrases instead of using “click here” to make your post SEO friendly.

Hope this post will help you to overcome those silly blogging mistakes.

Do share your stories about mistakes that you used to make, feel free to add a few in the comment section.

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