9 Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting The Perfect WordPress Theme

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by Saurabh K

WordPress offers you a plethora of themes to help customize your website. Whether you are a blogger or an entrepreneur, a WordPress theme is the face of your business.

You would need to pick a theme, amongst thousands of paid and unpaid themes, which will best suit your personality and go with your business.

There are many themes available today like there are StudioPress Themes for the ones who like their site pretty minimalistic while the Elegant Themes for those who want it crafty and niche specific.

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Selecting a WordPress theme carefully is important due to various factors.

For instance, if your website or blog has a lot of plug-ins then you should pick up a theme that is lighter, simpler and correctly coded, otherwise, the site may crash.

Even a lighter theme with quick loads is more SEO specific and can help to rank higher in search engines.

So care must be taken in selecting an appropriate theme that can fetch you more traffic and help you get new readers or subscribers.

To assist you in choosing the perfect WordPress theme, we present you a list of 9 things you should consider before you make up your mind.

How to Select The Perfect WordPress Theme

#1. Your Theme must be Simple

The first point to select the perfect WordPress theme is simplicity. A theme must be very simple because no one wants to engross his mind when a viewer is visiting your website.

In other words, the easiest theme is the best option because you do not want to confuse the audience with numerous layouts, infinite colors, and unnecessary animations.

It must not compromise with usability. But it must deliver the information your website offers pleasantly.

It must solve the twin purpose of satisfied user response and personal achievement.

#2. It must be Browser Friendly

Your WordPress theme should have cross-browser compatibility, another important point to select a perfect WordPress theme.

According to a survey, there is a cutting edge competition between Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari.

While Chrome has the maximum usage, so you would definitely not want to lose the viewership if your theme is not compatible with browsers.

You must ensure that your theme’s developer has taken the browser compatibility test.

Further, you must also check the theme’s compatibility on various web browsers using your mobile phone. One must always double-check for it.

#3. Your Theme has to be Responsive

Responsiveness is one of the most important things in order to select a perfect WordPress theme.

A good responsive theme means that your website’s theme should respond well to all kinds of devices like mobile phone, laptop, and tablet and of course a computer.

This is again more important because generally, people browse the internet while traveling when they are bored.

This means they will use only a handy device like a smartphone. Therefore, if a theme fits well for a mobile phone, you can give your nod to that theme.

Also, the theme must be open to your developer’s updates.

Why is an update essential?

It is vital because you don’t want your website to lag especially when everyone is updated with the newest technology.

#4. A Theme should not Create a Hole in your Pocket

Make sure the WordPress theme you select it up to the mark and fulfill all your requirements about functionality on your website or blog.

Just make sure that the theme you use or you choose to use is cost-effective.

It must reap results according to the price you have paid for it. Remember a good theme does not always have to be expensive.

#5. An SEO Friendly Theme is Undoubtedly a must

Another important criteria for a perfect WordPress theme is its SEO friendliness.

Search Engine Optimization can never be compromised with if you are an active blogger.

If your theme is optimized for the search engine, it will deliver you good traffic and good money.

Paid themes are compatible with search engines compare to free themes, however, nowadays, there are a couple of free SEO friendly WordPress themes available in the market.

This is because, in comparison with free ones, developers have had invested more efforts into such themes. This means premium ones are properly coded with better functionality.

Further, you can be sure of your theme’s sophistication using W3C Markup Certification.

#6. Your theme should be Social Media Friendly

In today’s time, Facebook notifications are checked more often than e-mails. The world has become social media ‘savvy’, as they call it.

Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and many other such social platforms can help your blog is becoming more accessible.

For that, your theme must support social media sharing option.

If it allows you to add the button through which users can share your content on various platforms, your blog would be able to achieve well.

But if the theme has inbuilt social media option then it would be even more beneficial.

Already integrated social media would save you a lot of time and money.

#7. The Theme must be Safe and Secure

Three things that are part of a safe theme is a premium version, with updates offered and customer support.

These three things are part of the foremost pointers, i.e. a premium WordPress version.

A premium theme is better than a free theme in many ways and security of your profile is the top advantage.

Sometimes it may happen that free themes content malware injection within inside the code.

But premium themes are trusted, and you can rest assured about your site’s security from infinite malware.

#8. The theme should be optimized for Monetization

If a theme has space for advertisements, and its code is optimized for monetization, this is the one you should look for.

As we know, in blogging even a click matters. A click denotes one visitor.

So if there are real numbers of viewers, it would mean a good number of people who are looking at the ads posted on your blog.

That clearly indicates more traffic, and many visitors are directly proportional to the revenue that your site generates.

Also, if a theme is mobile-friendly, SEO friendly and integrated with social media, it is monetizing.

#9. A Theme should have Good User Reviews

Once you have finalized a theme for your blog, make sure that you go through other user’s response before using the theme.

If the comments seem favorable, then you must invest in that theme.

A good amount of ratings indicates the usefulness of the theme.

And keeping a check on these ratings and reviews will only prove beneficial; this is because a theme involves a monetary transaction.

You must think twice before investing your money, don’t you?

We hope the before selecting the perfect WordPress theme, you will comply with the 9 things you should consider and make a wise decision.

After you select a theme, always test it for its responsiveness.

The easiest way to do that is to resize your browser screen and check if the theme automatically fits the changed browser screen or not. If it does, go ahead with it, either look for another one.

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