What is LSI Keyword and How Does It Helps to Boost SEO Traffic?

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by Saurabh K

Latent Semantic Indexing keywords are the new trend and trick to boost search engine ranking. Find out the ways to use LSI Keywords to craft SEO Friendly content.

Started so far, Google is constantly updating its algorithm. And now, this Google has focused on the Semantic Search to consider search queries. Its sole motive for this move is to provide better search outcomes for the users.

This technique LSI was typically known as Latent Semantic Indexing.

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I have noticed a few bloggers and webmasters filled up content with keywords, no matter how much low- quality content those article having.

With the Hummingbird update, Google has penalized and removed such content from the SERPs.

LSI is the part of the Google algorithm, and this technique helps to eliminate the poor quality content like keyword stuffing.

Using Latent Semantic Indexing keywords in your article can raise the rank for targeted keywords in the SERPs.

So before dive into how it can help for better search ranking, first we will go through the introduction of LSI Keywords.

What are LSI Keywords – An Introduction

Latent Semantic Indexing is the method by which Google decides whether or not your article genuinely provides information related to the topic or if you find just contains low-quality content.

To do this Google algorithm index the words from the article, landing page or blog post. And after that, it determines whether or not they are appropriate to users’ search queries.

For instance,

If your article is about Windows. Then you should rationally add some of the words related to the Windows such as Microsoft, Bill Gates, Windows Updates, Windows 10 etc.

These words are known as LSI keywords, which will help search engine to distinguish your post for the searches related to Windows.

For that, search engines consider the keyword density of the word and phrases within your article to determine whether or not you should see more web traffic.

This will also check for how many times certain words and phrases are used to boost your article’s search rankings for people who are looking for an article related to Windows.

If you have phrase surrounded with a high amount relevant to LSI keywords, you will enjoy a boost in high rankings.

How to Use LSI Keywords in Your Article to Boost SEO Rank?

If you are thinking that rather than using primary keywords you should use LSI keywords, then I must tell you this is a wrong idea.

Because Latent Semantic Indexing keywords are the supplement and they can’t take the place of primary keywords in your content.

I recommend you to use at least two LSI keyword phrases in your content with your main keyword. And use each LSI keywords one more max two times in the content.

LSI is also an excellent way to fix your keyword stuffed content and can avoid Google penalty or to recover from Google penalty.

For that just re-write your content and replace the keyword phrases with LSI keywords that you usually used to stuff in your content.

How To Find The Best Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords?

There are two different ways to find your best LSI keywords one is Google Search, and another is Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool.

Google Search: One of the best and free tools to find LSI is the Google search itself. When you write a key term in the search query field of Google, it will automatically fetch and shows the keywords related to the particular query that you want to search.

Google Adwords: This is another best tool that is used to be a good resource to find related keywords. To use it login to your Google Adwords account and it will ask you that what you want to do next. Just select the option which will be Search for the new keywords. Enter the main keyword and hit the Get Ideas.

The tool will show you all possible LSI keywords that you can use to add in your article.

But if you want to explore more Latent Semantic Indexing keywords related to the main keyword, just copy one LSI keyword and paste it into the search field and hit the Get Idea option.

How To Use LSI Keywords To Revitalize Dead Content?

To revitalize your dead content, first, look for pages those are dead and not getting a huge number of visitors.

Once you found pages, just supplemented the keywords phrases with LSI keywords.

This will take your keyword density down. But at the same time, this will also optimize the content and increase the chances of Google picking up the content for the new keywords.

Make sure that you choose the right Latent Semantic Indexing keywords for your content and place them naturally to rank well in SERPs.

In a few weeks, you will notice that the page views increased for the content.

And for the new content in which you have used LSI keywords, would have more impression in search results for different keywords.

You will immediately notice the impact of it with so many page views.

Apart from this, there are some other ways LSI Keywords can help with SEO.

Let see those ways one by one:

How LSI Keywords can help you with SEO

# Google Penalty Reduction: To reduce your chances of being penalized by Google, supplement the LSI keywords in your content. This will help you to make your content more natural to Google and also feel more natural by your readers as well. To avoid penalties with using LSI keywords in your content and Google will index in SERPs well.

# Content Quality: Reduce using the same phrase over and over in your content. This will increase the readability of your article which turns leads to longer page views, a ranking signal to Google.

# PPC Campaigns: Most of the people have PPC campaigns with a good batch of keywords. Add LSI Keywords in the set of primary keywords. It will strengthen your PPC campaigns.

# Image Optimization: If you have an image which is used more than one time on your site, then do a practice to rename that image with LSI keywords whenever you use it.

# Meta Description: Generally, LSI keywords are displayed in the Meta description in the search results. Use them in Metadata to help Google to know what your content is actually about.

Wrapping It Up

I am sure that you will produce better content with the help of this guide about LSI Keywords usage.

Another important thing that I recommend you to write content that is relevant and meaningful to your readers.

Usage of synonyms not only makes your content light but also makes it smooth for reading. So this is these tricks to craft a perfect blog post, which I use the most.

Have you used Latent Semantic Indexing keywords in your articles to boost SEO traffic?

If you have any other question related to LSI keywords, comment below, and I will answer you very soon.

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