Free LSI Keywords Finder Tool and Techniques to Rank Higher in Google & Bing

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by Saurabh K

The LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing, quite important and helpful for On-Page SEO optimization. Search engine giants such as Google and Bing are now moving entirely towards LSI keywords mechanism.

Here, in this article, I am going to discuss the LSI keyword finder tool and techniques that will help to rank high in searches.

Each and every blogger knows that keywords play a significant role when it is come to SEO optimization and rank well in searches.

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But there are few of the some of the newbies who don’t be aware of the importance of LSI keywords.

If you are on them, then you must read What is LSI Keyword and How Does It Helps to Boost SEO Traffic?

An LSI keyword is known to be an essential aspect of on-page SEO. This type of keywords is a key element for ranking that can’t be ignored.

Free LSI Keyword Finder Tool to Rank Higher in Google

The most common and the biggest issue with LSI keywords is that there are not much tools available that can help to research LSI keywords related to the targeted keywords.

However, there is one convenient and easiest technique for researching Latent Semantic Indexing keywords, and that is Google search. You can use Google search in four different ways to identify LSI keywords.

# Bold words (LSI Keywords) in Google Search results

Whenever you search for any keyword on Google, it results in more searches related to similar keywords.

Given below is an example of LSI Keywords:

Bold Words (Lsi Keywords) In Google Search Results
Bold Words (Lsi Keywords) In Google Search Results

# LSI Keywords in Google’s Instant Search

When doing a search like this, you should probably take note of words which appear in bold type within the search because these are the words which seem to be as the LSI keywords.

Let’s see another example of it so that you can have an exact idea of it.

Lsi Keywords In Googles Instant Search
Lsi Keywords In Googles Instant Search

# Find Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords in Google’s Searches related to section 

Take a look at the given below example:

Find Lsi Keywords In Googles Searches Related To Section 
Find Lsi Keywords In Googles Searches Related To Section

Overall Google search is the easiest way to find LSI keywords for your blog content.

Besides this, there is also one best online LSI keyword tool available for free that you can use research LSI keyword for your blog content.

LSI Keyword Finder Tool – LSIGraph

LSIGRaph is an entirely free LSI keyword finder tool available in the market that allows you to generate LSI keywords.

This tool is pretty much easy to use, and you don’t have to be the master in SEO to use this free tool.

Just head over to the LSIGraph’s official site and search for your targeted keyword.

The given below image shows the LSI keywords generated for the keyword “smart strategies to stop ad-blockers” and the below is the result which this site provides from which I can pick the relevant LSI keyword for my content.

Search Lsi Keyword Using Lsigraph
Search Lsi Keyword Using Lsigraph

Now, let me share how to use these generated keywords within the content:

How to Use LSI Keywords in The Content?

LSI Keywords and Keyword density are very close, but both have different meanings altogether. There are some simple rules with which you can easily rank very high in search engines like Google and other search engines.

Step – 1

Explore a unique topic, because this is one of the best ways to often rank higher in search engines.

Step – 2

Generate content naturally/organically targeting your readers. One of the best ways to create attractive content and with which your readers can connect to is the storytelling technique.

Everyone like stories and if your blog article includes a story, then it is the best way to convey the information to your readers.

Step – 3

Optimize your blog content for mainly targeted keywords. Just follow the final SEO checklist for blog and websites and optimize your article.

Step – 4

Utilize LSI keywords in your article to sound natural. Use Google Search to find a list of LSI keyword for the target keyword.

Pick one relevant LSI keyword from the list and place that LSI keyword wherever applicable without changing the meaning of the sentence, and it should sound natural when it is read.

At times you may also require to include 1-2 paragraphs in your article to include LSI keyword to your article.

Step – 5

Use LSI Keyword wisely in your article, the best places to use it in your article are:

  • You should use LSI keyword in the meta description,
  • Also, use LSI keyword in image Alt tag or in the image caption,
  • You can use LSI keyword in video title if your article has video,
  • Target multiple keywords in your article if there is more than one image.

Step – 6

The only question the many of the newbies have that is how many times LSI keyword to use in a single article?

I would suggest you do not over optimize it; this will have a negative impression on SEO ranking.

You can even use a plugin such as Yoast or RankMath to check the optimization of your content.

However, you can do this naturally, you don’t require any plugin to check it and correct any over-optimization.

Wrapping It Up

If you follow the above-given guidelines in a proper manner then definitely your content would rank higher in search engines over time.

There are very few tools available out there that help you find LSI keyword. However, the best LSI keyword generator tool you can use for free are LSIGraph, LSIKeywords, NicheLaboratory, and a couple of others.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and use this tool and drive more traffic.

Have you used LSI keywords in your articles? Do you know a tool which is excellent LSI Keyword finder tool? Feel free to share with me here in the comments below.

Any question? Ask here, and I will get back to it very soon.

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