How to Generate Traffic from Flipboard to Your Blog

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This is a complete guide to generate traffic from Flipboard to your blog. Read it and implement all the tricks I have shared to get traffic from Flipboard.

Most of Everyone knows that Flipboard is social-network aggregation, which started as a magazine-style that is used to feed the reader some time back.

Today Flipboard app is very popular and become the topmost choice for publisher and blogger to discover their content. The user can use this app on various devices like smartphone, tablets, and desktops.

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Early on, Flipboard was introduced as a simple app to enhance the reading experience of mobile users. But from the past few years, this app becomes more popular for bloggers and publisher to engage targeted people and drive relevant traffic to their blogs or websites.

So, if you are one of that blogger or publisher, who want to get traffic for blog or website using Flipboard, then this guide with eight different ways will help you to drive relevant traffic.

Complete Guide for How to Generate Traffic from Flipboard

How to generate traffic from Flipboard to your blog

1. Create An Account

To begin with, the Flipboard, download the app on your smartphone or desktop. The mobile app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows phone. If you choose to work on a desktop, simply visit

Over here, you have to create a profile by filling the required information.

Once you are done with creating your profile, then you can select the topics that you would like to follow. Finding and picking up the topics of your choice will take a little time. Because there are over 34000+ topics to explore and it is worth spending the time to select topics of the interests.

2. Create Magazines On Flipboard

Now, you’re all set. The next step is to create magazines on your Flipboard account. But do we mean by Magazines?

Magazines are the topics you want to create, on which you will share your content. We suggest you create a few magazines with the best topics from your niche, which have a strong title and description.

Also, blend some of your content that will help you to drive traffic to your site. You can create your magazines on your profile page.

3. Follow The Topics From Your Niche

This is one of the best practice to market your blog or website on Flipboard. There are thousands of magazines on Flipboard to follow. The best method to find the topics from your niche and understand how each and every topic or content is engaging the users.

From these analyses, you probably will have an idea about the interest of users. And according to this you can plan, create and share the content over the Flipboard.

4. Find Content And Flip It

The most important and the well-known function of why Flipboard is popular about.

Flip it is the function for what Flipboard is known about. Flipping the content and sharing them on the users’ network is one of the major points for driving traffic to website or blog. If a user finds the content interesting, S/he will flip it, which means S/he loved the content and shared along with his/her network.

The same way you have to do. Find the content which you think that your audience will have an interest and flip it among your network. This is a help to increase the engagement, and your audience will love by finding content from the interest and other users as well.

5. Flipping Your Content Is Great Idea To Drive Traffic

The flipping content of other users is not the limit. You can also flip your content which has shared in the past. Flipboard provides one more great function to flip our content. With this functionality, you can flip the content which you find with less engagement and has not driven good traffic as expected.

Go ahead and make a list of content will less engagement and flip them one by one on regular intervals. This will help to drive more traffic to your website or blog.

6. Comment When You Flip Your Content

When you flip a content, it is vital that you add a short comment to it. It is reported by Flipboard that adding comments makes your flip more valuable by drawing attention to your post.

The mobile app of Flipboard has a different layout, which highlights the comment made on individual flip user shares. This is the attraction point that Flipboard provides, and you can take advantage of this by attracting more users and drive them to your website or blog.

7. Find Flipboard Tribes To Create Connections And Collaborations To Others

There are more than thousands of tribes are available on Flipboard of other magazines and all the news you care about. Find a Flipboard tribe of your interest and create connections and collaborate with others.

Once you start connecting with others, share your flips, share comments and likes, which not only just help you to drive more traffic but also help you to grow your followings.

8. Let Others To Flip Your Content

One of the most important things to get traffic on your blog is to let others flip your content. But for that, you have to add a Flipboard button for your blog posts. So this will be made easy work for users to flip your posts.

This is it…!

Above all are the easiest ways with that you can help yourself to get more traffic to your blog or website with the help of Flipboard. Experiment them and see the boost in the traffic.


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