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Do you want a verified Twitter account? Are you facing challenges in Twitter account verification? Let’s learn how to verify your Twitter account? And what is the process and prerequisites you need to follow while verifying your Twitter account and grab the blue badge?

Isn’t it very cool that if you had that white checkmark in the blue cloud on your twitter profile?

As we know that many Twitter users want their account to get verified like popular public figure and high-profile celebrities. Here I am sharing the details on how to get a verified Twitter account.

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Please follow the given below steps to verify your Twitter account.

How to Get a Verified Twitter Account?

In 2016, Twitter had announced that it is opening the blue checkmark to everyone.

The process to verify the Twitter profile was quite simple, you need to fill out a simple form and submit it.

You need to share the basic information to verify your identity i.e. Govt. ID proof, website and registration document in case of a business profile.

Who Gets a Verified Twitter Account?

Public figures like TV, film, music band or musician, fashion, government and people who represent the government, media, politicians, sportsperson, individual business, and other public figures from various fields.

Prerequisites for Submitting a Request for Twitter Profile Verification

A couple of information will require submitting an application, which showcases the identity of a person or business.

  • Verified phone number
  • Confirmed email address
  • Bio for Twitter Profile
  • Profile photo
  • Header photo
  • Birthday (for accounts that are not a company, brand, or organization accounts)
  • Website or blog
  • Tweets set as public in Tweet privacy settings

How To Speed Up Twitter Account Verification Process

Here some common attributes to verify a Twitter account, These points are recommended to speed up the Twitter account verification process.

  • Your Twitter account must have a real name.
  • In the case of a business, the Twitter profile must have an actual business name.
  • A business email ID associated with the Twitter profile would be preferred.
  • A profile must have a profile picture and header which represent the brand of an individual.

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All-purpose Information Requirements

While submitting your application to verify a Twitter profile, the team may ask you to provide additional information to examine the data and further process.

This additional information will help Twitter to understand the popularity of an individual among his/her followers.

Twitter may also ask you the reason to verify the profile. If you are representing a business, then you have to provide information about the objectives and company goals to achieve as a public figure.

In support, an individual has to provide links which represent and highlighting the popularity of individual profile. Providing trustworthy links may help to simplify the Twitter verification process.

Such as Wikipedia page, coverage by international news agencies (NYT, WS, TOI, etc.) or popular magazines (Forbs, GQ, Times, etc.).

Twitter may ask to submit a scanned copy of Government ID like your Passport or Driving License to identify the individual before providing a blue badge to the Twitter profile.

How to Submit an Application for a Verified Twitter Account

In 2016, an individual can submit the application by filling up form at

Application Form For Twitter Account Verification
Application Form For Twitter Account Verification
  • First of all, follow a 2-step verification process and fill the required details to complete and submit the twitter account verification application.
  • Add and make sure you have double-checked the Twitter handle.
  • Further, if you are applying for a business account i.e. Brand or Company or Organization then mark the checkbox.
  • In the next step, you need to add details about the supporting URLs which highlight the popularity and can verify your identity.
  • Then, add a short bio up to 500 characters as an introduction of yourself.
  • Finally, verify all the details and click on the submit request button.

Now, wait for the Twitter response. In a few days, the Twitter team will contact you via email.

In a case, if your application is rejected then not to worry. After 30 days of the rejection, you can request again with accurate details to verify your twitter profile.


Update – 2020

Due to very high demand for the varified Twitter account, Twitter had paused the verified account program and currently not accepting new applications [1].

However, if you think that you follow their criteria and competent enough to have a Twitter verified account (compare yourself with any relevant verified account holder ;).

You may contact the twitter support team to get a verified account. Follow the link and select the relevant form to place your query.


Having a verified Twitter account can be highly beneficial in various means. and in my view, it is a great opportunity for a corporation or company to showcase its authority.

Do you have any other recommendation to get a verified Twitter account, do let us know in the comments section below?

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