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by Saurabh K

Every single blogger wants to balance their approach to publish and participate in social media to build a loyal audience and community. Here is a complete social media checklist for bloggers.

But social media marketing is quite different from regular email marketing. It can even get difficult for bloggers to remember all the things that make up the workload.

That’s why the social media checklist is important for all bloggers and marketers. Take advantage of this social media checklist to keep your audience engage & increase the fan base.

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If you are beginner marketers and not very much sure where to start and what are the things to cover while doing promotion on social media?

Scroll down and see a well-described social media checklist. Also, learn why a checklist for social media promotions is necessary.

The Ultimate Social Media Checklist for Bloggers

I have categorized the following social media checklist into four parts based on the time duration i.e. Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quartley Social Media Checklist.

The periodic categorization is essential because you have to prioritize the required actions and cover all the points as per the need. Now, lets first begin with the Daily social media checklist.

1. Daily Social Media Checklist

Here are the things you should ensure daily to optimize your social media promotions and campaigns.

# Reply To Every Inbound Social Message

The great place to engage with everyone who also wants to engage with you is Social Media. And if you can reply to everyone on social media then you are doing better than 75% brands on social media.

So, first and foremost if you receive messages on your social media you must reply to everyone as quickly as you can.

Sprout Social Index [1] has found that consumers expect brands to respond to social media for their inquiries in the first four hours.

# Replay and Keep tracking on Social Media for Key Phrases

A few times it may happen that instead of your brand page some people mention you with the key phrase.

So make sure that you keep track of social media for the major phrases in which someone mentioned you.

And be sure that you create a conversation with them too.

# Discover Your Potential Audience and Start to Engage with Them

The great part about social media, you can use some neat ways of social media monitoring to find phrases that indicate someone is interested in knowing more about your brand.

So make sure that you discover your potential audience with the essential phrases and start to engage with them.

# Make Discussion with Brand Advocates

Some of the biggest promoters are likely the people you are work with like your brand advocates.

Your brand advocates are those individuals who are happy and love to recommend your brand to their communities.

These brand advocates help you with sharing your content or even help you to sell your product by advertising your company or product with their friends.

So you must keep a running list of your brand advocates these will help you to achieve long-term benefits.

# Schedule Your Social Media Content Calendar

Scheduling your updates ahead of the time is key to a successful strategy of social media, and perhaps this is the number one time-saving tip for social media.

Scheduling your social media content can help you to optimize time and encourage your followers to engage more on each and every social media post.

When it comes to the scheduling of what to post, many of us got stuck.

But I am grateful to share some of the best practices that I refer to and highly encourage you to experiment with them all.

  • Tweet 6-9 times per day on Twitter.
  • Publish 1-2 posts per day on Facebook.
  • Post 1-3 times per day on Instagram.
  • Post 1-2 times per day on LinkedIn.
  • Create and Pin your post 5 times or more per day on Pinterest.

# Keep Track on Update of Social Media Industry

Currently, I am using Hootsuite to manage my social media campaign scheduling. There are 3 more tools, which I recommend.

To take total advantage of the social media channels, you must constantly stay up-to-date with the updates of social media.

For that do a bit of research on the newest tools and best practices. Make sure you check for regular updates and announcement of new features of tools you use.

# Construct Unique Images

A great factor to start is with a unique image just because it is an amazing way to showcase your talent that encourages people to make it more shareable.

Spent some time to create compelling and unique images and if you want to turn one image to get more shares, optimize each image for a different social network.

Refer to any social image resizer tool to resize images for individual social media channels.

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# Keeping Your Eyes on the Competitors

Any business needs to spend some time watching their backs and looking at their competitors.

Take a close look directly at your competitor’s social profile as well as other companies in your niche and identify the gaps in the marketplace which they are not filling.

Find a way to fill these shortcomings either using the content or providing unique products or services.

# Construct New Content

To increase followers and more engagement, you must keep your social media calendar full of useful and unique content to share with your audience.

But if you want to increase your followings that means you need to create some robust content to keep your audience interested in your upcoming posts too.

Here is a comprehensive list of the content type that you should try and share with your audience.

  • Blog posts
  • eBooks
  • Guides
  • Quizzes
  • Webinars or polls.

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# Manage Your Personal Profile

To make your personal social profile look professional, you must spend some time to make a few changes to your personal profile.

The benefit of doing this all using your real name drives many followers and of course, also having this substantial presence helps you to gain credibility for your brand page.

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# Spent Some Time to Make Your Brand’s Powerful Position on Social Media

To build a powerful position of your brand on social media channels you need to take an essential step and that is thinking about your brand.

Spending time to think about your brand will help to gain the dominant position. For that go through your product and your overall social shares to make sure the messages you are creating should suit your brand.

With this also have a conversation with individuals of your brand team to fully grasp the idea of how you can build a powerful position of your brand on social media channels.

2. Weekly Social Media Checklist

Here are the points you must ensure every week for effective social media promotion.

# Interact with Industry Leaders

Optimization of the brand also needs interaction with industry leaders. That not only help the brand to drive more traffic but also help the brand to gain a lot of momentum and generate new trends.

So building a strong relationship with the industry leaders is also a good thing. Make sure that you do this very passively to avoid annoying these very busy individuals.

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# Interact with Marketing Partners

Weekly social media checklist items also involve interacting with marketing partners.

If you are running joint marketing campaigns then you must interact with those joint companies on social sites.

The idea behind this strategy is to ensure one-to-one interactions with your marketing partners and build a good rapport in your industry.

# Have Discussion about New Strategies with Your Brand Team

If you are promoting a brand on a massive scale than your brand might have a huge team to organize your social media accounts.

You must spend some time to have a conversation with your social media brand management team about new strategies and trends in your industry.

As well as find the ways to use those strategies that work well for your brand.

# Map Up Your Calendar with Future Events

Mapping up your social media content in advance with the upcoming events is well worth it.

Schedule your social media content calendar with future events, a great strategy to map time-sensitive content and leverage traffic.

# Analyze Your Social Media Data

Social media is an information gold-mine about your brand or your company’s portfolio. Analyzing your social media data can help your brand to mine those hidden treasures.

That can help you to enhance existing products and services as well as customer support, better target marketing efforts, innovate new markets and most significant gain a competitive advantage.

There are some great social media analytics tools available to help you to analyze your social media data.

# Advocacy Makes All Easy for Your Team to Share

Advocacy is the best idea to encourage your team to share your content and advocate for your brand. It makes easy for brands to upload content such as blog posts, webinar invites or many other types of content.

With the different types of content, you can scale some impressions you receive on each piece of content.

You can also use employee advocacy tools to encourage your team for sharing and run reports on your brand success.

# Be the Part of Twitter Chat

These micro-communities are the best group of individuals who share their thoughts and ideas with experts in their industry.

Take advantage of being a part of the Twitter chat to grow your social media following amongst a relevant community.

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3. Monthly Social Media Checklist

The monthly social media checklist you need to follow.

# Perform Social Media Audit

Auditing is the most effective way to gauge your brand’s social performance that helps to plan how to improve it.

By laying out all the data, an audit provides a unique opportunity to see where your brand stands. Do a social media audit of your brand every month and identify what works well and what did not.

Conducting a social media audit is very important to measure the success of your social media campaigns.

# Be a Part of Local Social Media Events

Make sure that you also take part in local social media events. This could be a great opportunity to make a connection and build a relationship with new people in your industry.

And you can also find something new in your area too.

# Take Some Break From Social Media

This is also known as social media vacation. This simply takes time away from social media.

The reason behind taking a break from social media for a few days helps you feel better physically and mentally too.

Yes, you have heard the right.

Social Media breaks make me feel better physically (Creating social media posts) and most important mentally so that I can enjoy my personal life without worrying about my campaigns.

Try and step away from social media to avoid burnout and relax for a few days.

# Team Up with Other Departments

Team up with other departments of your brand or people from different sections moves your brand more effectively towards its goals.

It creates great flexibility, engages you with remote employees, appeals to the tech-savvies and also helps new employees to understand your social promotion strategy.

Coordinate with departments and see how you can support their goals.

4. Quarterly Social Media Checklist

Well, the following points you should be taken care of at the end of each quarter to make your promotions even stronger.

# Analyze Performance Reports

Creating a social media report every quarter can be the key to explaining your progress/success on social media.

It covers overall brand reach, and the number of clicks you drove to your brand posts, response speed, and many other things.

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# Review to Your Stakeholders

The primary reason behind reporting to your stakeholder is communication. Team members and leaders create a report and inform the stakeholders.

The reports include the overall status and progress of the team and the brand, along with essential information like your company’s team achievements and concerns.

Also, this report includes information about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

# Adjust Your Goals

The best part of social media, it is entirely dynamic so when your brand’s strategies change you can also revise your goals accordingly.

Changing goals could be a bit challenging, but it is worth to change according to the strategies and new trends.

# Evaluate Key Performance Indicators

The main reason behind this is to measure whether or not you reach your goal, which you have set for yourself.

Overall, evaluation of KPIs helps you to clarify the performance exceptions, manage more objectives, hold people accountable and many other things to measure your performance to reach the goal.

# Assess Team Capacity and Needs

The main aim of the assessment of team capacity and needs whether or not you need an additional team member.

And could you have completed more tasks and tested new ideas with some help or not? And if you found your answer is positive then this is something to consider.

# Re-evaluate Your Social Crisis Plan

A crisis can easily spread on social media and quickly damage your brand’s reputation.

You must re-evaluate your social media crisis plan and make sure that your strategy is up-to-date in case the worst happens.

Wrapping Up The Ultimate Social Media Checklist

So, this is it. I am sure that you can beat and achieve your social media targets by following this complete social media checklist.

I love to hear from you about what tasks are included in your daily workflow? Is it weekly or monthly?

It would great for me to learn from you and to pick up new tips which you might be open to sharing!

Share those tips here in the comment section; I’ll look forward to having a conversation with you.

If you like the article, do share it across social media channels with your friends and keep spreading the good word!

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