10 Leading Social Media Influencers to Follow on Twitter

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by Saurabh K

It’s quite hard to know which social media influencers to follow on Twitter. Here is the list of best social media influencers on Twitter which you must follow.

Why do I follow individuals who are like ‘captains of industry’ in the Twitter world?

There are reasons for this. First, it helps me be up-to-date with new statistics and trends in my industry.

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In addition to that, it also helps me in my syndication and content generation. Due to following these influencers, I am easily able to recognize the Twitter handles I need to target when I start my ad campaign on that social media platform.

List of Social Media Influencers to Follow on Twitter

Here are the social media influencers, you must follow on Twitter.

  • @Armano — David Armano is the director of the global strategy at Edelman Digital.
  • @JayBaer — Jay Baer is a best-selling writer from the New York Times, renowned keynote speaker and distinguished entrepreneur digital media.
  • @BarrettAll — Jeff Barrett is the co-founder of Status Creative.
  • @JeffBullas — Jeff Bullas is a social media strategist and content marketing expert.
  • @MagicSauceMedia — Renee Blodgett is a marketing, social media and branding coach.
  • @SocialMktgFella — Andre Bourque writes for SocialMediaToday, Huffington Post and is Editor Emeritus at Technorati.
  • @TedCoine — Ted Coine, the author & coach of #SocialCEO. Guides to the SocialMedia Age. CMO of Meddle.it.
  • @MackCollier — Mack Collier, Founded #Blogchat, which meets Sunday nights to talk about blogging topics.
  • @JuntaeDeLane — Juntae DeLane, a public speaker marketing consultant, digital strategist.
  • @Steveology — Steve Farnsworth – This is for demand generation content marketing for B2B high-tech industry. He is also the CMO at The Steveology Group.

Wrapping Up the List of Twitter Influencers

These were my top favorite social media influencers to follow on Twitter. All these influencers are also the most prominent leaders who influence people’s opinions to a great extent.

They are often recommended by many, just as I did. Let me know which ones you follow on Twitter, whom I may not mention above.

Though the above list of Twitter influencers is not a comprehensive one, furthermore, I will update it on a regular basis.

Share your favorite influencers to follow on Twitter, I will definitely add them along with your twitter handle.

If you like the article, do share it across social media channels with your friends and keep spreading the good word!

Share your feedback and feel free to ask us by commenting below.

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