Top 6 Things You Must Know Before Starting A Blog

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by Saurabh K

Are you planning to start a blog? Here are the top 6 things I wish I knew before starting a blog.

Nowadays most everyone has its own blogs whether it is a personal blog or professional blog.

And starting a blog is one of the best things to share your thoughts, your passion, and talent with hundreds or thousands of readers.

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With a blog, you can promote yourself or your business.

The blog is anything you want it to be; because it is the place where you can write about your thoughts or those subjects which excite you.

You can also say that it is your website that you are going to update on an ongoing basis.

For a successful blogger, it is not enough to post lots of content on a blog. There are certain important things that every blogger must know before starting a blog.

Top 6 Things To Know Before Starting a Blog

Here are the top six things you must know before starting a blog to avoid further challenges.

#1. Define Goals

Before starting a blog, it is very important that you define achievable goals for your blog.

So if you are planning about defining goals then try to keep these below points in your mind:

  • You might find your goals that have measurable quantities.
  • Decide the deadlines for the completion of your goals.
  • You might consider every single possibility that you won’t achieve every goal for your blog.
  • Don’t lose hope and think positive for every single goal.

If you have multiple goals, then you must prioritize them first, and this will make easy to work on the goals to achieve them in that order.

Then the second thing is to select your metrics and benchmarking data, and this is an essential step to finding out the format of tracking your performance.

From this, you can see that which feature of your blog is working and which is not. So you can monitor your progress.

#2. Research

If you are writing for an online audience for the first time, then you need to do research first. Because to reach them you need to be careful what you write for them.

Writing content for an online audience is different than other content. Because it requires proper knowledge of keywords, formatting and yes the grammar of course.

So when you start to research, you should visit successful sites or blogs and learn from them, how they write content for the online audience.

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#3. Self-Hosted Blog

If you want a blog that is taken seriously by readers and of course the search engine and also if you want to earn millions through your blog, then you must avoid a free blog hosted platform i.e. and

Because the free host is best for those people who are just exploring the blogging world or who do blogging for fun.

Selecting a self-hosting platform like WordPress may rent out digital space, but it’ll be worth to pay for the self-hosting platform.

Because with the self-hosting platform, you can get full control over your blog, search engine optimization, advertising revenue and more.

Also, you can get complete access to your blog’s backend files, which allows you to make necessary code changes.

With easy installation and setups, web-hosting companies make this process simple; it might include some other expenses for theme and design, testing, and social media advertising.

But if the cost does matter to you then there are also many themes and plug-ins are available which are for free.

Also, you can use a social media platform to achieve success without spending money, but it needs hard work and creativity.

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#4. Keep An Eye On Blog Traffic

Google Analytics is the best way to track information about visitors who interact with your blog. This free tool is very helpful to analyze visitor traffic on your blog.

This read-only tool, not just only helps to track visitors’ information, but it gives the information about a number of time visitors spend on your blog.

This easy to install tool can identify which pages and links your visitors click the most, visitor segmentation and a lot more besides. This will help you to format later sections.

#5. Quality Is The Key To Success

The most important thing when you start your blog is the content of the post of the blog.

Many newbies have this question that what matters when writing the content of the relevant post is it quality or quantity.

So there is no need to worry about, the right quality content of the relevant post. Of course, sometimes, quantity does matter, but quality content always wins.

Having quality content keeps your readers satisfied and also it gives you the best relaxation as well.

Hence making your readers happy will help you to get more visitors to your blog.

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#6. Be Passionate with Patience

While you start your blog, it is very important to keep patience.

None of the famous bloggers got successful and hundreds of followers in a day. They did their best while worked for a long time and hard to get where they are today.

So keep in your mind that if you want to be a successful blogger then stay focused on what you want to get and also on your visitors.

To improve your work, it‘s nice to take a look at the comments, emails, and social media shares.

To Sum Up

  • Setup your exciting goals.
  • Write what you love and you are passionate about.
  • Be selective and pick the topics your audience likes to read.
  • Analyze and research more.
  • Interact with your audience and encourage them to share content.

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