Top 25 High Tech Productivity Tips for Bloggers

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by Saurabh K

Do you want to improve productivity and enhance your work style with more comfort and in less time? Find best and well-researched productivity tips for bloggers, which will lead to enhancing your productivity.

Being a blogger, I know it is not an easy job. There is not only we have to write articles, but there are so many other things around the blog to deal.

Updating blog with new articles, replying users’ comments, emails, social media profiles management, planning and targeting the new audience, marketing, and other promotional things for the blog. And so many other things that each blogger passes through to make his/her blog attractive.

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But still doing stuff is fun and more exciting. Because the excitement about doing these things is to learn and explore new things, implement them on your regular schedule and the primary and vital part of it is you can make money out of it.

Few times handling this type of work is juggle just because it takes too long. But to get more things done in less time, there are some of the tips that I am following and also going to share here with you. So let see those compelling, great productive tips for bloggers.

High Tech Productivity Tips for Bloggers

#1. Be On Track with Useful Tools

Tools play a significant role in human’s life. And there are lots of tools available to help you with blogging. If you want to optimize productivity, then I recommend you always to take help of such tools. Here are some of the tools that I recommend you to save your time and you can always be on track.

  • Pocket: This app offers you to save things to read later, you can save those things via email and more other
  • Controlled Multi-Tab Browsing: This tool limits the number of tabs you open that means when you install this tool you’ll be asked to set your tab limit. And whenever you try to open more tabs than the limit you set, you’ll get a warning. However, you can change this limit at any time.
  • Calendar Planning: If you are using WordPress then this Stachethemes Event Calendar is the best plugin to use and plan your calendar in advance.
  • Stickies: This is a great tool to write any note regarding your work.

#2. Set A Schedule to Do your Work and Stick To It

Since you know that there are so many things to do on the blog, for that many of you have trouble in managing time. So, first of all, figure out, which task needs to be done first, to meet your goal and optimize productivity.

Then outline how much time you are going to spend on those each work, and divide those work into some tasks to complete it. Once you divide those work into tasks, start working on them at the time. So set schedule for your work and make sure you stick to that plan only.

#3. Don’t Pull yourself in Too Many ‘Should’

There are so many bloggers who feel they are trapped in too many should. Like, I should promote my blog more, I should write more and better for my blog, I should spread more about my blog on the social media channel, I should craft an attractive email and send newsletter and lot more. Do not make this mistake.

There are many successful bloggers, who perform these things but not by their self. They have hired people for such tasks to complete them on time. So just give yourself a break and don’t pull yourself into all those should. Because these things are quite impossible to complete in a day or in limited time.

#4. Avoid Bothering yourself with Too Many Information

Collecting information/tips to make your blog better by reading every ebook, every blog, or even listening to every podcast is interesting. But do you ever imagine how much valuable time you spent behind this?

And What if, you don’t have a single chance to implement those tips in your work to make a better blog. So remember that as a blogger, your time is more valuable which is limited too.

So, avoid bothering yourself with too many information. And if you have tips to make your blog better, than grab the opportunity to implement them instantly.

#5. Only Check your Emails Once or Twice a Day

Avoid wasting countless hours over checking your emails, try to check them only once or twice in a day. Once in the morning and again in the early evening.

#6. Schedule Breaks

For schedule breaks, use the Pomodoro technique to be more productive and have a fun time with perfect time management. It will help you to work with time instead of struggling against it, and I am sure you will enjoy working in this style. With this technique, you can break down your work into several intervals.

#7. Plan before Sitting in Front of your Computer

Don’t just sit down in front of your computer and start working without any plan. First, make sure that on what tasks you are going to work on and then get on your computer. Otherwise, your valuable time will disappear into social media and the internet never land.

#8. Don’t try to Cover Everything, Concentrates on Few Things & Manage Them Well

Even if you try to get done all your work, then I am sure you’ll going to miss lots of things. So it is the better that you pick a few things to manage and do them well, once those get complete pick a few more things and finish them and run the same channel to be more productive.

#9. Be Everywhere Where Your Readers Are

Some of you might think that if you improve the SEO of your blog or site, it will help you to be everywhere. It is good but not great because here the meaning of “be everywhere” is to spread your content where your readers or your potential readers are. So your audience can easily reach to your site.

Proper planning of promotional strategy will reduce the time of promotion, and you can reach a large number of audience in a short period.

#10. Have Writing Schedule and Stick To It

Most of the blogger plan their blog posts a month advance. This is the great way to visualize your posts for an entire month, and also it helps you to ensure you bring variety to your content that keeps your readers interested. But it is impossible without having the writing schedule. A writing schedule will keep you on track and make sure that you stick to it and your goals.

#11. Find out What Time you are likely to Cover Most of the Work

Do you find you have more motivation at certain periods of the day? Like, I’m a morning working lover. I do my best work in the morning with a fresh mind, thoughts, and a cup of coffee. So I write content in the morning, and edit photos create graphics and publish content. So schedule your highest priority work during those times of the day on which you feel better with your peak and will make you more productive.

#12. Don’t Push Yourself To Do Lots of Things At The Same Time

Next productivity tips for bloggers and especially for beginners is to concentrate and focus. Many of the beginners make this mistake to do lots of work at the same time. What happens when you are trying to do more than one thing at the same time? Nothing, but the stress.

Yes this is true, and the outcome is zero, you can’t be even able to complete at least one task which is important.

So ensure that you concentrate on one thing that is very important rather than doing more than one thing at the same time.

#13. Take a Break when you Get Off Track

When your mind is completely fried, or you get off track, give yourself a time out. Having a vacation or full break is also essential. Once you take a break, you will surely feel a big boost in your energy.

#14. Learn from the Best By Reading from other Bloggers

To optimize your blog’s productivity, it is very important that you also read what other bloggers are doing. So identify the blogger who is best in what you are trying to do. Learn from them and understand the best practices they adopt. This will also help you to learn the technique of how they are presenting and their behaviors too.

#15. First Write than Edit

Suppose, you have got a post which is meant to be published in an hour, but you haven’t even written a single letter for that post. So ensure that whenever you get a post idea, only write down about that post without editing. And when the time comes to publish this post, come back to it and edit it to make this post great then relish the post.

#16. Delegate Tasks

I have heard about this again and again that delegating work, but some of the bloggers still hesitate to delegate their everyday tasks to others. But delegate task is another significant productivity improvement technique. Even if you are just getting started in blogging, you can hire a virtual assistant to help with post syndication, scheduling tweets or even organizing your emails for you.

#17. Automate Things

Automating your regular tasks will not only make your working simple but also easy for you to understand. When you know how to manage every task, you’ll get a clear vision of the path to follow, and this will also surely help you to scale up your blog’s productivity.

#18. Your Goal Should Be your Topmost Priority

One of the most important productivity tips for bloggers is taking priority. Without making your goal topmost priority, you won’t be motivated to get things done. For that, you should make sure that you check on a regular basis whether your efforts are getting closer to your goal or not.

#19. Complete Dreadful Task in the Morning

Next productivity tips for bloggers on the list is, you might find that one task which is dreading the most is probably the one that you need to complete first thing in the morning.

#20. If Necessary, Take a Fresh Start

Few times it may happen that you lost all interest in your blog just because of the wrong niche, and you want to start a new blog of another niche in which you are interested in. Only delete your blog or walk away. It is very painful but sometimes it is great to start fresh.

#21. Do The Math

Another productivity tips for bloggers is to do the calculations in advance. It is important that you count how much time you will need to complete each task. This helps you to reduce your stress to complete all the tasks.

#22. Arrange Everything in One Place

Rather than using different tools and apps for taking note and to-do lists, pick one cool tool that stores all your tasks list and follow it. This will help scale up your blog productivity.

#23. Be sure the Organization of Blog System is Simple

Few times it may happen that when you are creating your blog systems like categories and other hierarchy it may take days to create the detailed system. But too many nested groups make the system organization more difficult.

So if you really want to make your blog productive ensure that you keep your blog system as simple as possible, with simply creating 5-7 categories which also can be easy to organize.

#24. Eliminate All Distractions

Do you accept it or not but distractions are a part of our work life. Like Facebook, Twitter, TV, radio, mobile phone, etc. This kind of distractions that affect your productivity, so just try to eliminate all those distractions.

#25. Use Productivity Tools

Last but not the least productivity tips for bloggers is to invest in some productivity tools. There are several tools are available which help you to become more productive and, you should ultimately leverage on them. Tools like, Evernote and Sticky Note(note-taking tools), Gcal (Google calendar to schedule your work) and last the Mindmeister software which are the best tools to become more productive.

Another and most important tip is to have a healthy mind with a healthy body because this can double your productivity.

Well, this is the list of some of the productivity tips for bloggers. If you have anything to share about productive tips leave your comments here.

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