15 Secret Ways to Generate Quality Backlinks Naturally

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by Saurabh K

Are you looking forward to generating quality backlinks naturally and efficiently to your website or blog? Then you are at the right place to learn the proven ways for building natural backlinks to your site.

You already know that one of the popular ways to optimize your site ranking at the top of the Google search engine is to build high-quality backlinks.

Thus, there is no doubt that link building plays a significant role in Google Ranking. If the content is the king of your site then the backlink is the queen of your site.

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Moreover, content optimization and on-page optimization are very easy to carry. But,

When it comes to generating quality and natural backlinks to your site, it looks like a very tough task to perform. Because you have to rely on others work for your success.

However, if you have powerful, influential backlinks from reputed websites then it will enhance the chances to boot ranking in SERPs.

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There are many SEO tools that make this task very easy for you, but here we are talking to generate backlinks naturally. So the question is what to do while it is about to get natural backlinks?

Well, you will find the answer to this question in the article. Here, I have listed 15 best ways to get natural backlinks. Here they are.

Secret Ways to Get Quality Backlinks Naturally

Here are the 15 proven ways to naturally generate backlinks to your blog or website. Follow the given below points and easily get quality backlinks without huge efforts.

# Interview Pro Bloggers and Generate Article about It

To build a connection with Pro bloggers in your niche, one of an excellent way is an interview. A blog post or an article about interviewing a popular person in your niche will help you to build a huge readership.

There are a number of ways to interview such bloggers from the niche. You can send them a list of questions to ask Pro Bloggers’ Secrets, record audio or video while having the face to face conversation, and a lot more.

Craft a blog post about the interview, your personal experience and your conversation with the industry leaders. This will be a contributing factor to gain influencers’ trust.

In addition to that, audio or video interviews will also help you to get more shares and build your brand too.

# Create an Affiliate Program for Your Products

Creating an affiliate program and offering a commission to bloggers and webmasters on each sale can help to build natural backlinks to your site.

Bloggers and webmasters are always looking for different ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods to make money online.

In this situation, you can grab the chance and offer affiliation of your products to bloggers and webmasters for your niche.

Bloggers and webmasters will review your products and add your products and links to their blogs or website. They will encourage their readers to buy your products as well.

This will lead them to make money from the commission you offer. Hence, introducing an affiliate program of your product will generate sales and also create natural backlinks to your website.

# Don’t Forget to Mention YouTube Videos in Your Article

As we all know, that people respond better to human faces than anything else. Videos are a fantastic way of expressing your thoughts, and they are a more great way of generating backlinks.

We all are familiar with the popular video site YouTube which is hosting millions of videos. This site has fantastic views and a subscriber list of course.

So this is the best opportunity to provide your audience with something that they want.

If your audience finds the videos in your post useful, then they will defiantly share it on their network and in return to this, you can get natural backlinks.

# Generate In-Depth Articles and Content Rich Product Pages

This is yet another step to earning quality backlinks. Generating in-depth articles and content-rich product pages is a great way to provide value to your audience.

Creating an In-Depth article about the products, its setup, and FAQs about the product can help you to generate backlinks. But how?

The answer is an affiliate program. An affiliate program is not limited that blogger will create a blog post and encourage his/her readers to buy products. Here are some highly recommended affiliate programs you should explore.

Use various content writing tools and deliver in-depth content that adds value to your audience.

Bloggers have an extensive network, and they mostly share good content/products to their audience. Bloggers and webmasters can also mention and suggest products to their audience on third-party platforms as well.

Other platforms like forums, where readers may ask the questions and in answer to that they can suggest a link to an FAQ post you have created.

In another way, they can also share the product and instruction link if someone asked for the solution to the particular problem they face with your product.

# Build Free Tool For Website

Nowadays every webmaster is hungry to gain more and more links to their site. Thus, building free tool for the website is a safe and working way.

If you have good skills for making technical aspect or maybe you have the skills such as HTML or Programming knowledge.

Then you really should leverage that into something that would get you high-quality backlinks.

You can build a tool that not just only benefits the webmasters but also their users. That webmaster and users will share this helpful tool in their network or may add it in the article about a list of the most useful tools they have found.

Thus, you can gain backlinks to your site with the help of the tool you built with your skills.

# Use Social Bookmarking Site to build quality Backlinks

Social Bookmarking sites are very helpful for SEO as this tactic is old school.

To make people visit your site make sure you use it in the right way. You can take the help of Social bookmarking platforms like Reddit, Digg, Flipboard, Mix, etc. to drive insane traffic to your site.

This is not it. 

Your post can also rank well in Google if you submit your actual post to trusted and authorized social bookmarking sites.

So grab the chance and take advantage of Social bookmarking platforms.

# Get a help people at Your Office

In your office, if you have got some brilliant people such as artists, photographers, comedians, etc.

Then you must share the experience that you have with them with your audience through your site, and you will never know how this method can work out for you.

Also, ask others in your niche to share this content. This can get more quality backlinks.

# Make Use of Google Alerts

We all know the strength of Google, but do you ever imagine that Google Alerts does benefit you?

Yes, to generate a good amount of backlinks use Google Alert.

All you need to do is set up daily alerts on Google Alert for all the main keywords and few LSI Keywords of your site and brand.

If anyone mentions your site or brand online, Google Alert will let you that instantly.

You can connect with authors or people who have mentioned your or brand name and ask to link back to the original content from their mentioning.

# Build Network Through Forums and Commenting on Blog

Blogging is all about exposure, and building connections can help you more to get more friends from your industry.

And ultimately it might happen that they will introduce you to their audience as well.

Thus, if you want to get noticed by new readers, forums, and commenting on others’ blogs are the best places to hang out.

Forums and blogs of influencers in your niche are the go-to places for all sorts of building relationships and link backs to your sites after some time.

So, reading other articles and share your comments on blogs or take part in the discussion in public forums like Quora and few more.

Your blog can get more backlinks if you add a link to your blog with an article that contains more useful information.

This way you will not only get more backlinks, but you will also increase the value to your potential audience.

# Build Particular Email List

We all know the importance of Email list that how it provides the value to our site and the potential audience.

If you have not started building an email list yet, then you really should as soon as possible.

With your email list, you can link relevant articles and add your essential blog of the week in the email. Send this email to reporters and influencers in your niche.

You may be thinking that what will benefit it to you with doing this? 

If you do this regularly, you never know that particular blog post can be reposted and linked from popular platforms.

And through this, you can get many natural backlinks.

Explore the these highly effective tools to grow your email list.

# Benefit From Infographics, Memes, and Visual Articles

Nowadays infographics, memes, and visual articles are very brilliant and working ways to generate more and more backlinks.

You can create great infographics with a visual summary, memes, animated gif, and text messages that would go viral in your industry. Here is a list of tools to create awesome infographics and viral social media images.

Try to add a humor quotient, or you can make them a Go-To complete guide which your audience finds very useful.

In this way, you can attract sites that would like them re-post and include it in their posts.

This will surely help you earn a huge number of backlinks. Give it a try, and surely it will work like a charm for you.

# Build Relationships with Local Businesses

You must be thinking about what is the connection with your online business and local businesses? Well, there is.

With this type of link building technique, you can also offer your audience something that they never think.

Build a connection with local businesses in your community who need help.

You can assist them by taking with them, make a report, and have a brainstorm to craft solutions together.

Now, you can create an article on this problem and its solution. This way you can entertain and also encourage your audience to help local businesses.

This type of post gets more shares, which means you generate more and more backlinks to your site naturally. So it is worth to try.

# Add Unique Value

It has been proven that long-term SEO success is the best strategy for quality backlinks.

So if you have a site which is running for years, then it is worth to add value to it.

Find an evergreen post that you have posted before months and optimize it. Add a unique twist or you can give an attractive spin to that content and repost that article.

This works when done in the correct way. Readers will find the updated content useful and will share it with their network.

# Great To Get Involved with The Press

Associating with the press in your niche can have unexpected benefits in generating natural backlinks.

To get started with getting involved with the press, you can

  • Write articles that references and links to the influencer’s website.
  • Submit testimonials to those sites which can generate many backlinks to your site.
  • Apart from writing only for your site, you should also write for larger publications and introduce yourself as an influencer in your niche.

6 Methods to Generate Quality Backlinks

You might be thinking that what kind of 6 methods that can generate natural backlinks? Let see those methods one-by-one.

Method 1: Blogging

Have a blog that is consistent and fills with lots of great and exciting content.

Make sure that you add value to your blog by adding RSS feed, guest posts, resource post, and also link to other blogs too.

As I have mentioned before that keep track of your industry works well.

Stay up to date with the current events. And if possible then comment on them as well.

This way you can reach out to others, and you can also get backlinks from others too through this.

Method 2: Content

Again and again, we heard that be unique, be innovative and be original when it is come to create content.

It is faithful to be that because if your content is unique, creative, and original, it is automatically getting more shares and backlinks.

But be sure to get this promotion strategy plays a huge role in it. Without promoting your content, you can never get what you want.

Method 3: Design

We all know the power of design; there is nothing more to make your content sharing. As I have mentioned before that infographics, memes, and visual messages work best.

You can also create a presentation and share it on Slideshare. There are some of the many ways that will get your links spread everywhere.

Method 4: Guest Posting

Identify good quality blogs in your nice and connect with them. Study their blogs, find the gaps in their content.

Dig deep into the content gaps and identify a couple of topics.

Further, pitch them with the topics and offer them a high-quality content contribution as a Guest post.

Learn more about the effective ways to achieve success in guest blogging.

Method 5: Press Release

You can leverage your PR skills with writing Press Release about interesting company news. You can also make use of your site to post articles like this.

For that create an area on your site and post news about your company.

With the press release, you can reach thousands of other related site outside the scope of your business. Thus, press releases are a powerful way to get high-quality backlinks.

Method 6: Social Tools

It is critical to get your content shared on social media for that you need to put social buttons on each article on your site.

And make sure those buttons are visible to your people so the audience can easily share your content.

Method 7: Volunteering

This means you sponsor or be the speaker at an event in your niche.

To be sponsor or speaker at events are a great way to create publicity for your site. But it is important that you discuss the terms about backlinks into your agreement.

Volunteering is a chance to chase your passion. So you can start volunteering in on the subject of one your partner case studies and get backlinks from the case study.

At the end of the demo, you can give away some free trials of your products. Make sure you leverage the free trial for people to leave their reviews on your products.

This is it…!

These were many of the few ways, which simple yet effective to get quality backlinks naturally to your blog or site. Backlinks are not only useful to rank well in Google, but they are also very helpful to get quality traffic to your site.

If you have any other strategy apart from this, I would love to know them too. Comment below and share the various ways to generate natural backlinks.

If you like the article, do share it across social media channels with your friends and keep spreading the good word!

Share your feedback and feel free to ask us by commenting below.

Ask here if you have any questions, and I will get back to it very soon.

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